Animation Rollercoaster has moved into Kikutowne

It's been a great five years here on Blogger, but Animation Rollercoaster needed a change. It's picked up and moved to Kikutowne. Click on the image below to get you to the new place:

As a welcome gesture to Animation Rollercoaster, Kikutowne has gone through a major redecorating process, thanks to the helping hand of Wordpress, and Graph Paper Press. For antiquity's sake, Animation Rollercoaster is leaving all its old belongings and posts here at Blogger. Feel free to come back here to visit if you're feeling nostalgic for Animation Rollercoaster's days of yore. If you follow the Animation Rollercoaster on any sort of reader, of have any links or bookmarks that lead to it, please change the address to http://www.kikutowne.com .

Thanks, and looking forward to seeing you on the other side (of the internet).


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