Ten Months to Three Decades


Today is my 30th birthday. The above photo was taken 10 months into the game. I came out the day my mom was supposed to be the guest of honor at her baby shower, a month earlier than expected. I guess I didn't want to miss the party. The doctor wasn't sure I was going to make it, because I only weighed 4lbs, 5oz, and had to be in an incubator for a couple weeks. Also I had jaundice, so they had to put me under some kind of light, and put gauze over my eyes so they wouldn't get hurt. One day, while I was getting my light treatment, my uncle was standing near the observation window. Another guy walked up next to him, and asked, concernedly, if the baby with the gauze on the eyes was blind. I hear that my mom was pissed, but probably because she was already stressed out and worried that I wasn't gonna make it, and now someone was asking if I was blind. I have a lot of fat baby pictures, that when I complain about how fat of a baby I was, my mom said they made sure I ate a bunch because they thought I was going to die when I was born. Sheesh. Now look at me, walking around like I own the place... I don't know what else to say about today, other than, it doesn't seem like it took very long to get here.

On the opening of my thirtieth year, I am thankful to have the life I do, especially after jumping the gun at the beginning and almost ruining it all. I am constantly grateful to my family and friends who are my valued copilots on the roller coaster.


Situation Normal




Forget that other blog I was telling you about last week. That wasn't very well thought out. What I really wanted, was a place where I could do less talking, and more showing of what I'm up to...

I want to get better at spur of the moment photography, and according to my parents and everyone, the only way to get better at anything, is to do it more. Although I enjoy looking at other people's Polaroids, and real film fun, I'm not big into the retro camera movement, mostly because I can't really afford to take on more equipment (I have enough stuff because of my addiction to crafting, and my often wandering attention). Hopefully I can practice digitally, and get better at framing life, with no money wasted on developing my horrible mistakes*. I spent enough time and money on that in high school... My goal in my new space, is to document more, using my mobile phone camera, just because it is something I have with me most of the time, and is much easier to carry than my Nikon D50. Also, I get embarrassed bringing out "the big guns," because I usually get some kind of comment like, "Wow, someone has a fancy camera," followed by questions about the specs on it. That makes me nervous, since I suck at remembering technical things...

This new space is meant to house my photo essays on my day to day life. I am hoping to keep it free of words (in the posts), but occasionally there might be a cute video, links, or funny photos that I didn't take myself. My guarantee is that it will always be filled with snaps of the day to day, whether it be from my phone, my fancy pants camera, other websites, etc.

I hope you will visit my other home every now and then:

* Though I like to sound like I'm some kind of thrifty wizard, I accidentally spent a bunch of money, uploading pictures from my phone directly to Flickr. Still need to fine tune this whole process so I don't end up an accidental chump...


Inspiration from Conan O'Brien

I watched Conan O'Brien's Tonight Show last night. It was nice to see him on TV again... I love his new set, and the show was great. My enthusiasm for Conan's sense of humor bubbled over into today. I wanted more, so I googled, and found these videos. These might be old news to everyone else, but this is the first time I've seen them. They are extremely funny, but also extremely inspirational... Check it out, especially those of you who could use some laughs, coupled with some motivation and hope. (0 ---- 0)

Part 1

Part 2

It helps to know that everyone goes through down times sometimes, but can rise back up like a funny, red haired, phoenix...

I hope one day I can be this good...

Tuesday Shark Attack (Hat)


Aphids Suck, Conan RULES!

I wanted to practice using some of the other brushes my friend gave me for Photoshop, so I drew what went on in my brain this Monday morning...

I'm excited that Conan is back on TV, starting tonight. Also, I am determined to eradicate the aphids from my Shishito pepper plant...