A Kiss From Tokyo Trailer

Welcome back from vacation to those of you who had Memorial Day off. To ease the pain of the Tuesday-Monday blues, check out this radical piece of business:

Many congrats to Kevin, Stephan, and Cyrille! A lot more exciting news and updates coming soon... Stay tuned to Kevin's site for the latest developments in the world of Yuki 7!


More Etching


I've been in a crafty kind of mood this year, I guess. I was encouraged by my friend Bruce to keep goin' with the glass etching I'd been dabbling in last year. I wanted to find a reusable stencil, so I wouldn't have to repeatedly re-cut the same design with my exact-O. The last etched glass project I did involved a lot of exact-O-ing, and swear words, when the tentacles I'd cut for my contact-paper-jellyfish kept getting stuck on top of each other, and then torn by my clumsy mitts.

I finally found some reusable, vinyl stencils at Michael's, the kind that I could cut my own designs in. It comes on a clear plastic backing that you can place them on when you're done using them, like reusable stickers. During this round, I did some testing with how much Armor-Etch cream was needed for an even etching, and also with how long the cream should be left on before being rinsed, in order to ensure a lack of visible brush strokes. I'm not sure whether it adds something to see the brush strokes or not, but I'm leaning more towards no visible strokes... My process was something like this:
  • Draw design with a Tombow HB pencil (my favorite softness, and brand) onto the stencil.
  • Remove stencil to self healing mat, and place flat, so as to preserve the clear backing sheet for later.
  • Use exact-O to cut stencil.
  • Place stencil on glass.
  • Brush super heavy/thick coat of Armor-Etch cream onto stencil/glass, leave for 30 minutes.
  • Rinse.
  • Dry.
  • Remove stencil to backing sheet.
  • Enjoy newly etched glass.

  • NEW_PLUSH04.09.040WNEW_PLUSH04.09.041W

    I also messed around with some glass paint. On the squid glasses, I felt it was best to keep to the simple shape, and only used paint to detail the eyes, so they would be more visible. I had some glass jars that I cleaned and saved, to try out something a little different. I wanted to do some UPA style characters... simple etched shape, with an offset line drawing. It's a little hard to get the glass paint to resemble an ink line, most of the time I had to put it on in more than one coat, or push it around, rather than paint it on. My lines ended up a lot thicker than I had hoped. To put the paint on the glass, I waited till my glasses and jars were completely dry, let the paint dry over night, then baked the glass in the oven (it says what temp on the bottle) so that the paint would set.


    I'm considering putting some of these, or items like these in the store... But maybe want to get a better handle on how to get the line work looking more like what I imagined.

    In case you're curious, I'm trying to sprout an avocado seedling in the amoeba jar, which is what that weird pod is, being supported by toothpicks, and cradled in water.


    New Plush Forms

    About a month ago, I was trying to come up with some new plush ideas, so I can slowly but surely start putting the stock pile of fabric that I've built up, to good use. I want to eventually start selling some new things in the store, but I'm not sure if these particular ones will be put in there or not. Also, I've posted some sketches, in case you're interested to see my process. Don't follow my lead, I don't really know what I'm doing. Nevertheless, I thought you might want to see how it starts out for me. The tiny newsprint page was my attempt to figure out some construction ahead of time, but, to someone who actually sews from real patterns it probably looks like a cave painting.








    Surprise! It's Adventure Time!

    For the past few months I've been workin' on Friendleton's show, Adventure Time, over at Cartoon Network. It's the first time I've been paid to work there, though not my first time gaining experience there. My very first internship in animation was at Cartoon Network, on Grim & Evil/ Evil Con Carne. I am having a blast working on Pen's show, and was thinking it would be a while before I could show you what I've been drawing... Then the other day, they posted some of my boards from the first episode I've done for the show. I've been working with Adam Muto, who did an awesome short about Samsquatch with Frederator... I went to school with Adam, but we didn't talk much. I mostly knew him as the animated dancing guy at the end of one of Pen's films. It was one of my favorite animations ever. I am smiling, thinking of it... Anyway, now me and Adam talk all the time, because we share the same office, drawing and laughing furiously together. We also own two of the same T-shirts. Aaaaawwwhhh Jyeah! Anywho, clickity-click on the super long hyperlinked sentence, or on the image above to see the post on the Frederator blog about me and Adam's board.


    Sweating and Loathing in Las Vegas

    Kevin and I took a trip to Las Vegas this past weekend, to enjoy a No Doubt friends and family show. Kevin got to do some artwork for No Doubt, which is how we got hooked up with the tickets. To be honest, I've listened to them since high school, and still enjoy them now. Does that deserve hipster scorn? Possibly... but I still think they're awesome, regardless... I considered selling my copy of Tragic Kingdom a few months ago, but it still sits safely in a CD folder on my shelf, escaping the grasp of Amoeba Music. The show was crazy good, and renewed my No Doubt fangirlishness.

    There was no photography allowed at the show, but here are some photos I took of everything else...

    Las Vegas set on Flickr



    Please Don't Punch It


    My Dad took a photo of the mouse mural I've been talking about (thanks Dad). Apparently, the other day, when he went to pick up my Mom from school, some kids were punching my mouse in the gut. I guess it has a pretty decent sized belly, so I can see the temptation, but since the wall is made of stucco, it's possible they ended up with bloody knuckles.

    Does this look like something you imagined little me creating?


    Back in the Game


    But this one's already spoken for...