Please enjoy this photo in my absence...

I'll be gone to NYC for the week. I'm on vacation till next Sunday... In the meantime:


This is my Mom's side of the family, plus my Dad, probably around the mid-seventies. It speaks volumes about everyone in the photo... Seems that my Dad is quite pleased about something... Found it in my grandpa's photo box over the weekend.


Whirlwind of a Start

This year has already started out with a lot of hub bub, and not enough time to write about all the fuss... I have a lot of resolutions, projects, and new year goal related stuff that I want to write about, just not a lot of time yet

I wanted to take a quick moment, to at least post about something that was a happy surprise. Welcome to my Life was chosen by Channel Frederator as part of their staff favorites of 2008! In addition they did an interview with me on their blog.