Holiday Bum Rush


I've been a lot busier this year with events and circumstances that I never expected: jumping between three different studios (feature to TV and now back to feature), being a part of Hello Kitty's 35th birthday, having a table at APE all on my own, and traveling to Copenhagen (just got back last week!), and now it's November?! Unfortunately all these flurries of activity took me away from presiding over Kikutowne in any responsible sort of way. I'm also pretty bummed at how much I left Ito-Mobile in the dust. It's still there, but I haven't updated it since the first two days I started it. Some things that I plan to remedy as part of my jump start on resolutions for the new year... More on those after I finish bombarding you with the new wares I've placed online.

Since I have a window of time for the moment, and the holidays are fast approaching, I am beginning the trickle of what will hopefully turn into a flash flood of new products, flowing sweetly into the Kikutowne Shoppe.

Here's a quick rundown of some of the newness you can find in the shop today:

As an added incentive to purchase things early for the holidays, I have a secret code for friends and fans that will get you 15% off for the next month... if you email emperor@kikutowne.com, or direct message me on twitter, I'll tell you the code. On twitter, you can find me here.