Time has been flying by, but somehow I saved up enough time and energy to get some of these ready for APE at the last minute:



I found the striped fabric on sale at a big fabric store near my work, and figured I could find a good way to use it. I'm trying to make my plush characters look closer to how I sketch. I think I'm getting closer, but I worry that the simplicity and crudeness of it won't appeal to folks as much as more detailed plush. Whadda you think? Anywho, as far as APE prep goes I still feel like I have a ton of things to get in order and ready to go for the drive on Friday... I am still waiting for my precious notepads and pens to arrive in the mail. I hope they don't get delayed by the rain! I'm excited for the event, there's going to be a ton of friends there this year. I hope I will have time to do one more post before I leave so I can tell you where to find my booth, and my friends booths... Almost ready...


Blogger inhae said...

Wow, they are cute!

1:15 PM, October 14, 2009  
Blogger Bill Robinson said...

Oh wow, these are great. Love the name too. I'll be at table 286...see you there!

4:53 PM, October 14, 2009  

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