Blog Break Over

I took a bit of a hiatus from blogging to handle life. Here's something to keep you from forgetting to come visit:

[thanks Hugo]


Blogger moritheil said...

Wow. That certainly will be hard to forget!

6:03 PM, September 10, 2009  
Blogger Sugoi said...

So Kuuu-to! Kawaiii, ne! and a bit strange.

10:07 AM, September 12, 2009  
Blogger Nicholas said...

Wow... Uhm, that's me. And if someone doesn't believe me, I could provide proof haha. Who would of thought it'd get this big?

12:23 AM, September 20, 2009  
Blogger elizabeth said...

Nicholas!!! Which one is you?! The Prince? That costume is the best...

3:59 PM, September 25, 2009  
Blogger Munchanka said...

You've got to love the unbridled enthusiasm of nerds.

8:43 PM, April 08, 2010  

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