My Mouse, Saved

I got this email from my mom on Friday. She still teaches at the elementary school where I went from Kindergarten through sixth grade.

Hi Eliz,

Guess what? They are getting ready to repaint our school and the architect/designer (a parent) who came up with the pallet and the plan for what color paint will go where, gave a super presentation to the Governing Board on Thursday afternoon. Very high tech. He took photos of the exteriors of our school and through his trickery was able to show what the new paint job will look like and how it will transform our school into a 21st century looking school. When he came to the cafeteria area, he said that Susan [the art teacher who's been there since I went there as a kid] said he could paint over the existing mural. However, when he showed the transformation, your mouse was the only figure he didn't paint over!!! I couldn't believe it! I told everyone at the meeting that YOU had painted it years ago and they got a big kick out of that! Just thought you might like to know.



Hooray! My mouse was saved! The mouse my mom is talking about was one of several random animals designed by kids going to the elementary school at the same time as me. They were painted as carousel animals, and all the kids going there got to help with the painting of the mural, after the drawings were blown up and put onto the walls. I had initially drawn a plain, white mouse, because that was the kind that I had. The art teacher asked if I would mind them putting rainbow spots on it, so it wouldn't be so plain. I said yes, but I remember I was afraid it was going to look dumb with rainbow spots... It ended up looking pretty ok. (^-^)


Blogger MARILLA said...

i know you wanted the mouse to be white,,,,
same thing happened to Sena, when her book cover design was chosen for english class project, teacher put rainbow color in logo design,,it was actually white.
sena was so mad,, and sad.... you know how she felt...

are they all hippie teachers?..or..?(>__<)!!

7:38 AM, April 07, 2009  
Blogger chickennuggets said...

Ito, immortalized.

10:07 AM, April 13, 2009  

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