Simplicity, January 1969


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In My Grandmothers Sewing Desk...

Over the holidays, part of my gift to my family was to organize my late Grandma's belongings. In her sewing desk I found a stack of small magazines from the late sixties-early seventies, catalogues of fashions with corresponding pattern numbers for the stylish seamstress. I plan to eventually scan all of them, and here is a sample from the earliest one. To see the whole catalogue, please visit my vintage fashion set on Flickr.


Needless to say, the originals are being donated to a certain Kevin .


Once Upon This Weekend

I'm going to be in a group show this weekend. My friend, Keith Noordzy has brought together a lovely bunch of artists, at Alpha Cult in Long Beach! The theme of the show is fairy tales, and stories from my/our youth. I picked a book my mom used to read me as a kid, The Amazing Bone. Sounds like to the punchline to a joke, or the title to some XXX film, but in all seriousness, it's a great book by William Steig. Later I discover that Steig was also a wonderful cartoonist for the New Yorker, one of my favorite places to read panel comics. As a kid, those were probably my top two choices for professions: Children's book author/ illustrator, or New Yorker, panel comic artist. Here's my piece:



Gouache on watercolor paper, and the little plaque on it was made with a label maker and gold gouache paint.

If you get a chance, read the book. Its pretty short, and very dream-like, so it will be a short time well spent... Also my artwork and caption will make more sense if you read the book.

Here's the flyer for the show:


Kikutowne Holiday Sale!

In the spirit of the holidays, there's a big sale in Kikutowne! Older prints are discounted 60%, and holiday cards are at a special holiday price! I've also begun a clearance on artwork from my personal hoard. Rising out of the dust are pieces from art shows of yore, in addition to artwork from my archives, never before available to the world outside of Kikutowne. All of these are one of a kind, and pretty dang cheap. For anyone who's ever desired an original piece from me, (to brighten up your space, or just to covet) this is for you! As pieces are sold, new pieces will fill their slots, so be sure to check back regularly.

And another thing... there's a free, random gift with every purchase. It's not giant, but- it's free! Gifts are small, chosen at random, and you might hate it, but you also might love it... I don't know if anyone is a fan of the OG Sanrio store, but it's kind of similar to how you used to get a small present with your purchases there...

There are only two plush monsters left in the store... There won't be any more showing up in the store till after New Years, so... you know what I'm sayin'...

**I just want to be clear that I refrained from refering to the Kikutowne Sale, as a "Blowout Sale." Mom hates that term...


Thanksgiving Holiday Adventures



A Tiny Glimpse of My Uncle's Incredible Pin Collection


Sylvanian Families


Griffith Observatory

Homemade Candles & Fake Tree


**If you would like to make any digital or scanned image into a Polaroid, here's the place to get the goods. I totally cheated, all of these were taken with my Nikon D50 this past weekend.