Family Pegs

I just finished the details on these, this past weekend. They will be available in the shop by Thanksgiving...



Astro Boy Teaser and Still, Online!

I don't really talk a whole lot about the work I do during the day lately- mostly because there's not much I'm allowed to talk about. But today, there is some excitement to share! A new teaser trailer, along with a brand new, sparkly still were released this morning. Above is the latest image released by Imagi for Astroboy- and it's from one of the sequences I storyboarded! The new teaser is online, and also will be playing in front of Bolt, and Madagascar 2. I'm really proud of Imagi, and my friends and colleagues. Most importantly, I'm incredibly excited to see this movie when it's done. Great work, guys and gals at Imagi!

Check out the trailer, in all different sizes, here.

My favorite comment from the Moviefone-Astro page, so far: "WOW, this just owned my face. i can not wait for this movie now."

I think that's good? ...


Here Come the Moms

These are the first pieces I finished for some super limited holiday items I plan to put in the store by Thanksgiving. There will be at least four, wooden, family, holiday doll sets. I just finished painting the moms, who are dressed to the nines!

Here they are!



Some of the Newness


Kikutowne: New Products for Fall/Winter

Running off the exciting conclusion to the election last night, I used the good energy I was feeling to revamp my store, and to add a number of items that I had promised to add, post-APE. I have my robot posters up, as well as six, new, one-of-a-kind dolls. More dolls will be going up soon, and in addition there will be some special, one-of-a-kind, holiday products going up in the store later this month. Also, be on the look out for a possible post about a holiday sale, along with a special, holiday discount code...

(click on the image above to get to the store)


I Just Did



Kikutowne Adoption Agency Flickr Group

This photo was taken by a Flickr friend who adopted one of my baby mister monster plush dolls earlier this year. I was really excited to see this, and thought it might be a good idea to start a group where people could see what some of the adopted monsters are up to in the world outside of Kikutowne.

And that leads me to my point... May I present you with...

Friends and Patrons of the Kikutowne Adoption Agency:
A Flickr Group