Robot Posters Have Arrived

robotfinalw01 robotfinalw02 robotfinalw03 robotfinalw05


Here's some photos of the silkscreen prints I'll be selling at APE. There were 50 printed of each. Since I'm not sure what the demand is going to be like this year, I was thinking of bringing half of them with me and leaving half at home. What do you think? Would you buy one? I will also have some available on my website after I get back from the convention. Oh yeah, and the blue guy's innards glow in the dark- I don't know if that changes whether you'd buy one or not, but I really geek out about things that glow.


One of These Could Be For You

APEw_buddybuddy APEw_skew APEw_tilt
APEw_dicey APEw_peter APEw_bobbles APEw_oft APEw_collie APEw_scout
APEw_sam APEw_pesa APEw_hopes APEw_discoote APEw_t-rex APEw_fuzz APEw_capital APEw_slide APEw_plumb APEw_dozer APEw_ups APEw_manzana APEw_funs APEw_carl APEw_bulbie APEw_snaps

I'm happy to say, I met my goal for APE! Twenty-five baby monsters, ready to be adopted and loved! When making this post, I kept checking to make sure I didn't repeat one... Most of these will be with me at APE, five will be left behind for online adoption/purchase. All purchases will come with a free holiday card:


The horizontal line indicates a perforation. If you like, you can tear off the bottom, to leave a nice, square, polaroid-inspired illustration. If anyone wants to buy a few, I'll also be selling them. More info about my APE plans tomorrow, with poster photos, maps, and links to friends!

APE Prep

This is what the last two weeks kind of looked like.


Coming Soon to APE


In bald stage, no hats or horns developed yet...

I decided to paint the mouths on for this batch, as opposed to the embroidery method I usually use. It's faster, and easier for me to control the style of expression. Hopefully I can get these all done before Halloween! I will have five available on my online store prior to leaving for APE. There will be twenty other ones traveling to APE, and available for adoption. Who will be going to APE this year?