Thoughts of Stickers and Girls

Here's some sketches I did, thinking about the owl sticker idea... Below that are some sketches I did thinking of a random movie idea I have... Maybe when I have some free time I'll get that headed somewhere-




If you could, would you buy a sticker of this for a dollar?


If I decide to make these... the actual sticker will be the shape of the owl, not a square...


Update: Monitor Calibration Test

As an update to the previous post: I wondered whether the monitor I was using had any relevance to how well/ poor I performed on the color test. When taking it at work, I got a 12, but on my home computer, I got a 4! My computer at work is a Toshiba tablet PC, and my computer at home is an iMac. I'm not arguing for the superiority of one system vs. another, just wanted to point out that if you want the best possible representation of color, monitor calibration and sensitivity make a big difference...

Color Test

I scored a 12 on this color hue test. Try it out, and let me know how you do!


My New Logo


Still not so sure how I feel about Illustrator. Mainly because I'm so bad at it, and it took me way too long to figure out how to do the simplest things. Plus I get really OCD about making curves and points exactly right, then end up wondering how it took me two hours to make one simple shape....


Another One, to Go With the Other

Here's another screenprint I hope to have finished for APE:



Which One is Better?

robot_posterv1 robot_posterv2
The winner will be available at APE.
(In case it makes a difference, the circuitry might glow in the dark)


Busy Busy

Dear Blog,

Sorry I've been so neglectful of you lately, things have just been really busy with work. I miss you. Let's hang out again!


Here's some stuff from my new, huge, landscape, watercolor moleskine sketchbook. One is an image I posted in its beginning stages a while back... but finally, five months later, I found enough down time to complete it.


The only one with words in it was drawn while watching this cool move that Kevin found, Deadlier Than the Male. Kevin was telling me I need to make a sticker sheet of the one in the middle. Or a series of prints, maybe Illustrator the crap out of it and digital print? I dunno, what do you think?

I'll be at APE this year, and I really need some input as to what people might like to find at my table. I will have a new crop of plushes, which is why I haven't been adding any to the online store lately. I'm a slow seamstress... Maybe I should start a monster adoption wait list. If all goes according to plan, I should also have a silkscreen robot print. Maybe pins, maybe stickers- what would you be into seeing? Now's your chance to cast your vote!


On My Way to the TFP

Totoro Forest Project Auction, here I come...
I wonder who gets to take this home...
I'll be back with lots of pictures, hopefully!



I need to see this: