Astro Boy Teaser and Still, Online!

I don't really talk a whole lot about the work I do during the day lately- mostly because there's not much I'm allowed to talk about. But today, there is some excitement to share! A new teaser trailer, along with a brand new, sparkly still were released this morning. Above is the latest image released by Imagi for Astroboy- and it's from one of the sequences I storyboarded! The new teaser is online, and also will be playing in front of Bolt, and Madagascar 2. I'm really proud of Imagi, and my friends and colleagues. Most importantly, I'm incredibly excited to see this movie when it's done. Great work, guys and gals at Imagi!

Check out the trailer, in all different sizes, here.

My favorite comment from the Moviefone-Astro page, so far: "WOW, this just owned my face. i can not wait for this movie now."

I think that's good? ...


Blogger kevin said...

woooAAAAH, nice lookin' movie ladyworm! way to go! astrobooooyyeeeeeeee

10:01 AM, November 21, 2008  

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