Fruits Go Go


This was for an art show at Monkeyhouse toys that's a preview for a bigger art show to come. The theme was crazy Japanese street fashion. I used gold paint and leaf in this, but... it doesn't look very good scanned...

**The color on her dress is closer to the photo, kind of a neon orange...


Blogger kevin said...

that's some nice lady-paintin', ladyworm.

3:46 PM, August 05, 2008  
Blogger Caro said...

liz i missed you at the show, but thankyou for being a part of it! you are so cute! xoxo

10:44 PM, August 06, 2008  
Blogger Fulanita said...

ELIZABETH!I'm sorry we missed each other that day. Your piece looked awesome and although it looks great on your blog, it looked super awesome in person! I loved it!

9:17 AM, August 11, 2008  

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