I haven't had much time to post about my San Diego Comicon plans, other than images with very little explaination, and now I find that it's the day that I'm leaving already!

As far as things I'm selling, I have twenty, handmade, brand new monster babies. Each of them has a unique name, a birth certificate, a studio portrait, and comes in a cute, ventilated carrier. These will be $30 each. I also have fourteen, scuba-version preemies, ten plain preemies, and one bobble-hat preemie. Each of the preemies come in a cute, little, red carrier, and will be $15 each. Any dolls that I don't sell at Comicon will be put up in the Kikutowne General Store upon my return. I also have a bowl full of one-inch pins. If you buy a doll from me you can have a few. Or maybe if you just ask nicely...

For the most part I can be found hanging with Fleet Street Scandal. at table F9. If you want my official-Comicon-signing time, I will be at the Munkyking booth on Thursday, from 5:30-7PM. Make sure to stop by the Munkyking booth to see the prototype of baby Mister Monster that they'll have on display. I'll have my monster orphans with me, where ever I am... except maybe if I'm in the bathroom, 'cause that would be unneccessary.

See you at Comicon!


Blogger Bobby Pontillas said...

Hey it was great to meet you last week Elizabeth, and thanks for the impromptu invite to the MunkeyKing party!

5:17 PM, July 28, 2008  
Blogger Joey Chou said...

It was great to meet you at comic-con. I love all the short films you did on your site. you are awesome!

8:27 AM, July 29, 2008  
Blogger senachobi said...

yay. i got your special pin badges. WOOHOO.

it was very fun at comicon :D :]

we should get the friend ID so when we want to play...yeahhhh.

i've played people in JAPAN already. ^^ ahaha

hope to connect soon~~!

9:29 AM, August 04, 2008  

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