This week ended in one of the worst days I've ever had in my entire career so far. I plan to tell you about what happened, but I think I need to decompress first. For a sneak preview of the story, I will say that I was told by a writer who is supposed to be working with me, that even though I am the director of a show that I created, he doesn't have to take any of my notes if he doesn't want to. He has complete control over anything that involves writing... (I'm unclenching my fist and counting to ten right now) More about that later...

Anyway, in an effort to make this weekend a good one, rather than one filled with resentment and angst, I watched this, and it helped:

Beautiful, touching, and thoughtful.


Blogger MARILLA said...

I have no idea to describe.. how I thought.... I want to be in the network group.............because u know.
do you want to have drinks...... ? well I will just call you

12:26 PM, April 21, 2008  
Anonymous Darren Webb said...

WTF?!?!?!? Does he not know that it's because of your idea that he has a gig???? MMmmmmm, sounds like said writer might be a little, just a LITTLE jealous that it's not HIS idea that he's working on. You want me to beat him up?

4:12 PM, April 22, 2008  
Blogger FleaCircusDirector said...

Maybe after a whole season of striking he's confused as to who actually runs the show.

However he is partly right, if you review someones work it should be to highlight the areas that you don't like not to rewrite it for them.

1:23 AM, May 08, 2008  

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