Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Have a Good Trip, Mon-chan!

Ready to go!

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Lucky Cat Show in New York!

About a month or two ago, I was invited to be in a group show in New York. The theme is the lucky cat figure who you can see in most japanese stores and restaurants, waving at you, enticing you to spend money. Hopefully this is funny to people, even those who don't know the japanese lucky cat...


The drawing was made after I read this on Wikipedia:
"It is commonly believed the higher the raised paw, the greater the luck. Consequently, over the years Maneki Neko's paw has tended to appear ever higher. Some use the paw height as a crude method of gauging the relative age of a figure. Another common belief is that the higher the paw, the greater the distance good fortune will come from."

Now I kind of want to build a sculpt like the one I drew.


Mister Monster's Pencil Test Debut

This is the very first pencil test I ever did using Mister Monster. It's also the first dialogue assignment I ever did at Cal Arts. It's also, in addition, how I've felt inside during the hours of 9 to 6 lately... JK sort of... sort of... mostly-


Hey Baby


Baby Mister Monster

He's going to make his debut in a show at Schmancy this month... stay tuned for more details-