Friendleton Ward

My friend Pen and friends made this over a weekend! Funtowne!

A Small Selection of Things for Which I am Thankful


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone- I'm off to Florida!


Welcome to My Life on YouTube

Finally I've come around to uploading my film, Welcome to My Life, to YouTube. This film definitely saw the most action out of all the films I made at Cal Arts, and it is the closest to me, of course because everything that went into the film came directly from those closest to me, my family. The idea for the film came out of reading my brother's autobiography/essay that he wrote in high school, where he described himself as introverted, even though you wouldn't guess it about him at first glance. I started thinking about what the best way to show someone like that was, someone who despite their appearance as strong and formidable, didn't see in themselves what others around them might perceive. And little by little, my film took shape. Initially I only meant it to be an interview with my brother, but then thought it might be fun to see the rest of the family, and to hear from the adult perspective. I am a huge fan of Creature Comforts, but wanted to make sure that my film wasn't just a direct rip off. As the film came together, it was nice to go home every now and then to show my family what their characters were looking like. My dad kept asking me if he was really that fat, and everyone was entertained seeing my mom as a giggly, cute, fin-adorned creature. Both my mom and dad agreed that the animation I did of my brother, the way he glances from side to side a lot, really makes the character feel like him. Once the whole thing was put together, I hoped that everyone would like watching my film as much as I enjoyed making it.

After graduation, I hit a number of milestones in my career because of Welcome to My Life. I was in a bunch of festivals, only a couple which I was able to attend, and won the Producer's Choice award for the first ever NickToons Film Festival. I was one of ten films to make it to the finals of the Student Academy Awards. It doesn't seem like that big a deal, since I didn't win anything for being in the top ten, but in order to make it there, my film had to make it through two regional competitions just to get to where it did, which means it was up against hundreds of other films.

As you may or may not know, ABC Family/ Disney TV optioned my film for a prime time series shortly after I got out of school. When I was called in for the meeting where they told me they wanted to option it, I was so confused. Firstly, I never really considered making it into a TV show. Secondly, I had no idea what that meant. On top of all that, they were asking me if I had representation- and it made me a little scared to think that I would have to get a lawyer or an agent, I mean you only get that kind of stuff when you're all famous and crap, right? Despite everything that happened in the end, it was overall exciting and fun, and if nothing else, I have an awesome radioplay of what could've been a funny and inventive show about a family of monsters and their adventures (kind of like This American Life, only all about monsters...). Unfortunately it was too out of the norm for ABC, and also the top executive who was most supportive of it, was forced into resignation right around the time when they had to decide whether they wanted to move forward with it. If they had kept it going, they would've wanted to get a writer to script it, replace my family with actors, and eventually it would've been just like every other overly talky cartoon currently on American TV. Luckily for me, I had a good lawyer- the film and all the rights to the idea, still belong to me. We'll see what happens... in the meantime, I hope you enjoy watching it-


Random Halloween Pieces 1.1: I &hearts Nikon D50














Random Halloween Pieces 1.0: Disneyland

A little belated, but better than nothing I guess- it took me a while to get around to processing the photos I took. Last week was kind of hectic at work- I think we've kind of reached the eye of the storm...

Nightmare Before the Haunted Mansion

Random People Around the Park

I've been playing around with different formats for putting multiple photos together on one page... Any suggestions?

Oh, and there are a couple of images up from the movie I'm working on that I wasn't aware had been released. A friend of mine told me they were up on the internet- but I guess I missed the memo at work about it... Anywho, if you're interested, here is a link to an article about both Astroboy and Gatchaman, the upcoming movies from Imagi, the place where I currently work as a storyboard artist on Astroboy. (Thanks Josh)

UPDATE: Here is another link to an article with more images related to Astroboy


Feliz Dia de Los Muertos a Ti

Here are some pieces that were recently in the Chango Coffeehouse's Universal Monster's show. Alas, they didn't sell. I have to go pick them up-



For Halloween I was a Hogwarts/ Gryffendor student. I will post pictures once I have a minute to spare, but for the remainder of the week, I'll be cranking out drawings at work.

By the way, anyone wanna buy or trade some art?