Moleskine Watercolor Landscape Sketchbook Dump 2.0

Things have been busy in Kikutowne, but I promise there will be updates on Comicon, Bats Day, and art shows a plenty very very soon- Stay tuned...

In the meantime, here's another bunch of moleskin watercolor sketchbook pages:



Moleskine Watercolor Landscape Sketchbook Dump



Random Coolness of the Day

An awesome little bit on broadcast storytelling from one of my favorite storytellers- Ira Glass

And here is some puppety fun for the day:

Both of these bits were found thanks to the Puppetvision Blog!


Ninja Show

Here's my piece for the Ninja Show at Nucleus.


Hope you like it, and maybe I'll see you at the opening-


Bad link... sorry cdeboda! Here's this years ninja show flyer
Its tonight!

(link changed in post text as well)


LA Myth

I am going to be in the LA Myth Art Show, and have been working hard on my pieces for the show. A lot of cool artists have work in the show, so come on down and check it out. The opening is next weekend, August 11th, at Meltdown Comics on Sunset. That is also the night of another show I will be in (more on that in future posts), as well as my mom's birthday, so it will undoubtedly be a busy day.

Here are a couple of my pieces:

Aqueduct Allie


I was going for a children's book, flat art kind of style- and was working digitally- so this will mark the first time I've done digital pieces for an art show. Kevin helped me out a lot to figure out the texture brushes and with moral support. I hope you like them-

I still have yet to post about the San Diego Comicon, which was quite an exhausting adventure. The best thing was that I got to see a lot of people I miss. The worst thing was that at the end of it all, I lost my sketchbook that I had been using to document some of the standouts of the convention, and also the place where I had my drawings of the Gothic & Lolita girls that I posted earlier. Oh well, perhaps someone will sell it on Ebay after I'm dead and famous. I am working on recreating some of the characters I remember, as well as organizing my photos, so a Comicon post is coming soon-