Comicon or BUST!

Hello fellow nerds, I am leaving for the San Diego Comicon today. For the next five days, I will be in, or around the convention center- most likely at the Fleet Street Scandal booth. I might also be hanging out with my friends, Kristen and Griselda at their rockin' booth.

In case you are interested in a last minute, secret special- there will be a few of the prints recently featured on my blog, available for a small fee. They're a limited run and once they are gone there will be no more left in the world. Also, every print comes with a free high five.

Hope to see you there!


Gothic & Lolita

My friends Daniel and Renee got me this book for my birthday:

So I decided to draw these while waiting to be launched on a sequence at work today/ yesterday. They are all based on images from the book:





More work for an upcoming gallery show, in a superabundance of color papers:



color paper variations



More Printing

More from the Gocco:

(4" x 6") x 3

Hooray for Gocco!


Out of Print

Something I'm working on for a art show:

fireguy.002 fireguy.001
(4" x 6") x 2

I wanted to scan all the variations I did, but I realized the ink takes longer than I thought to dry...

I used my Gocco printer for the first time ever. Its the most tidy way I've ever done any screenprinting. I hope the company that makes the printing supplies doesn't go out of business, just as I've started to have fun with the Gocco. Man, I miss the screenprinting lab at Cal Arts... although messy, it was really fun-

Here's what me and my friends made on July 4th this year:


Superior Cake®

Screw humble pie, I'm gonna treat myself to some Superior Cake®. It's so good, it's in italics!


Episode #87: The Best of the First Half of 2007

Hooray!!! 'Tis a happy way to start my short, Fourth of July work week! Hot Cross Bunnies made it into the best of the first half of 2007's Channel Frederator Podcast extravaganza show. High five!

Thanks (again) to Jeaux, Eric, and Fred.


Random Update

I've been fairly busy lately, and egregiously neglectful of all things blogger. It's a lot easier to keep track of other people's work online than to be regular about posting my own... The owl paintings from the previous post were in a show at Gallery 1988 SF. I wasn't able to make it to the opening, but you can see the other work featured in the show, Back for Seconds, here. According to their site, my pieces are still up for grabs, so if you want one, call them up!

It was recently my birthday, and I had a really good time going to Disneyland with friends, and then having dinner with my family the following evening. We went to Kinokunia bookstore in Downtown L.A., where I purchased a couple of storyboard books of my favorite Miyazaki movies- Spirited Away, and My Neighbor Totoro

Totoro Jack-O-Lantern
(I didn't make this, but I wish I had)

I also bought a new sketchbook with paper that I like, that takes watercolor well, without buckling too much... I have some Dr. Ph Martin's concentrated watercolors, and have been trying them out in my new book. The colors are vibrant and fun- if anyone uses these, I would appreciate any advice on technique, or examples of artwork that has been done with these kinds of watercolor.

Here's some of the stuff that I've been doodling lately:





On a random note, I discovered that my Mari Inukai cat-ring-holder took a liking to my Anna Sui perfume bottle...

No, I didn't stage this, just noticed it was like that last night-