Owls for Show

Here's some paintings for an upcoming gallery show:

All are done in acryli-gouache on particle board.


Check it!

Hey, it's an interview with me.

Thanks Jeaux and Frederator!


Hugo Morales: Arts and Stuffs

Yeay! My good friend, and very talented artist, Hugo Morales, has a new blog- straight out of awesometowne, and onto your browser!


(Johnny Depp + Japanese Children + Pirates)= FUN!

I'm not even going to try and describe what this is, beyond what I titled this post.

Happy Friday!


Hot Cross Bunnies on Channel Frederator

My second year film from Cal Arts is on this week's, Channel Frederator podcast!

It's the first one on the episode! Yeay!

Thanks Jeaux and Fred and Eric!


Owl Row

I've had some ideas for new toys lately- here's a small sample of the sketches I've been working on...