Good Morning

Here's how my morning went:

1. Get ready for work.
2. Leave my apartment and sit in traffic on the 210/ 134 fwy.
3. Sit in traffic waiting to get into Zorro! Parking on the Disney lot, and checking to see how far along they are in constructing the pirate ship on top of the building. Yes... Pirate SHIP!
4. Walk to the Frank G. Wells Building and along the way, see Calista Flockhart trying to ride an orange Townie bike, and Rob Lowe laughing at her.

Calista and Rob, in case you don't know who they are:

5. Go to the Starbucks on the first floor of the building, order a short, triple Americano. Yes, triple.
6. Take the elevator to the 2nd floor, and go to my office to gossip to my friends that I saw movie stars and a pirate ship, all before 10AM.

Working for Hollywood can sometimes be fun.



I finally finished moving all of my belongings into my new apartment in Pasadena this weekend, with the help of my posse (posse = family, family friend, and boyfriend). It was hot... and continues to get hotter. Joy.

I also jumped right into a new job on Monday, head first. I am now a daily call employee of Disney TV. Weird to be back in the same building again, but at least this time it's not as lonely, since the crew is bigger than just me.

More posts to come about the move and my new job... Right now I need some coffee or my office mate might find me face down on the keyboard when she comes in...


I AM 8 BIT 2.007 Piece, Unveiled!

I finished my piece for the I AM 8-BIT 2.007 early this year, and it is now traveling with Jon Gibson, at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco for a preview night. I noticed they already posted an image of it on Game Informer (it's not in the article, only in the "screenshots" section...). I figured since my cover had been blown, I might as well post a better image of it on my blog.


In other news, I am moving this week to a swanky new apartment. So long Glendale, hello Pasadena (who knew it was a TV series?).


Job Interview at Sanrio

Today I had a job interview at Sanrio!

As a kid, I frequented their stores, usually with my mom, who was, and still is, just as big a fan of their uber-cute products as me. While some people gush about their childhood memories of Disney movies, I think I have more of a fond memory of Sanrio products and design. If you are familiar with my style, I don't think this comes as much of a surprise. They have an office here in Los Angeles, in Torrance. The building itself is much like any other office building, but when you walk in their door, you get socked in the face with cute:

The welcoming committee seems ok with... wait a sec... Whoa! ... Everyone except Deerie-Lou! Look at him! He (yes, he) looks like he's onto my bitterly-sarcastic-nougat-filled center... Scary! Especially because these plush guys and gals were about as tall as me. Man, I wish I could take them home...

Although... Here's the awesome treats that the lovely lady who interviewed me gave me as a parting gift! Presents are AWESOME! And these are easier to carry out the door than a giant, plush Choco-Cat.

I have to thank my friend Renee for hooking me up with the job interview. She picked up some of the buttons I was giving away at the San Diego Comicon last year. We had been exchanging emails, and I had told her of my current unemployment. Unbeknownst to me, she had just started working for Sanrio, and was able to get me in touch with the woman who I met with this morning. I am happily surprised at how something as little as a cute button can end up allowing me so many wonderful opportunities.