Last Night, I Met...

Michel Gondry!

He was signing stuff at the Virgin Megastore in West Hollywood, to promote the DVD release of The Science of Sleep

I made him a tiny diorama pop-up thing out of a business card and a drawing:

I gave him one of my Mister Monster toys, too...

I think he liked it. Hopefully this wasn't posted by him.

I gave him copies of the drawings that I did for him back when I was working on my pilot, My Family as Monsters for ABC Family, and trying to get him as a person to interview for a portion of the show. It seemed like he hadn't seen them before, but was happy to recieve them. He asked if it was him in the drawings... and I think liked the one I drew where he was standing next to Godzilla's foot, the most. I gave the originals to someone at Disney TV to send to him, way back when... I dunno what happened... Oh Disney!

I got his autograph, twice.

And here's our pictures, for reals!

I think he's looking at the diorama I made...
probably thinking, "what the heck is this?"



8 bit 2007

Here's a small teaser for my piece for Iam8bit.2007. Do you know what video game I'm depicting? [^-^]

Old Cats

Here's a throwback to five or six years ago... These cat designs could be found in my portfolio from my first or second year at Cal Arts... I still like the one hissing with the fat tail at the bottom, maybe because angry things make me laugh... as long as they aren't angry at me-


Contradictory Happenstance

I don't get it.

I currently am unemployed, as of last Friday. I wasn't that nervous about it before 5:00PM today because I was under the impression that it was pretty much a sure thing that I was going to be hired in a month onto another production at another studio.

I was looking forward to having a month to devote to working on my own projects (the designs to the right are for a lamp I would like to make, although the current design looks too close to the Bloo character from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, I think) getting a new, better apartment, and playing with the present that I had meant to buy myself for months now, the Nikon D40 (a fancy-pants, digital SLR, artsy camera). Also, last night I discovered this awesome post about me on the Frederator Studios Blog (thanks Eric Homan!). After I read that, I thought, "Hey! People do still love me, and admire my work, and the struggle is only downhill from here! I'll have no problem getting another job..."

This is definitely not going to be the last time that I mistake a downhill path, for a path that goes downhill, into a rocky precipice that goes as vertical as vertical can get. The job that I thought was a sure thing, is perhaps, not a sure thing anymore, and the constant theme with studios seems to be that they have one spot open for someone with more experience than me, or are not officially hiring, unless you happen to be so kick-ass that they can't risk not hiring you and having someone else who they're competing against get you first...

There is, thankfully, one personal project that I may be getting funding for, that will put me back in a place where I am happiest- making my own short films... After seeing some Random Cartoons at a screening at Nickelodeon last night, followed by the Animation Show screening last night, I feel a little reinspired...

Anywho, here's a fancy shot from my new fancy camera, to show you what I've chosen to distract myself with this week:

A close up on the ring I got from a pirate at Disneyland...


A Few Lines

After a recent game of Cranium, I realized how little information is really necessary for someone to recognize what something is...

Handcuffs (drawn with eyes closed)




About Me Page

I just finished the very first page of html for my new website:

(click the image)

Hopefully tables won't get the better of me! (ahaha! nerd humor!)


Random Things Scanned and Posted

Sketches from random pages of last year...

Sketches from a project I want to flesh out the story for, this year... possibly a movie idea... or something... i dunno