Otter Days: Regrets

I shoulda gone through with it at Otter Days! Taken me an otter and ran! They have more now, can't they share!!!

Molly n' Dave

I did a portrait of my friends Molly and Dave. Dave said that Molly complained that there weren't enough pictures of the two of them up in their apartment. Dave said he didn't really want to be looking at his own mug on the wall that often, so he asked me to paint them as monsters. He gave the picture to Molly as part of her Christmas present. I hope she liked it! (I believe she did, judging by a rad Myspace comment i got from her... sigh... Myspace...)

Here are the different phases the designs went through, till I arrived at something I felt was right...




After These Messages

Check out first art show of 2007 I'm participating in! My friend Mary J. Hoffman is co-curating After These Messages at Nucleus.

Here's one of the pieces I will have in the show:

If you haven't already guessed, there are two more where this came from... Come to the show and check it out! Breakfast cereal + soy milk + 2.10.2007 = GOOD TIMES!


Bedside Book Sketch Dump



Sketches from Christmas Vacation:
Century City Mall, Foodcourt

If you're still reading this post after I distracted you with too many crude sketches... My end date at Starz! Animation is February 9th... I'm counting down to the future!


I Need to Find a New Job

Last weekend I visted Laika in Portland, Oregon. In the back of my head, I was thinking about the possibility that they told us about a month or two ago here at Starz Animation, that our movie may not be continuing production. Today our crew received the news that our work on Mean Margaret will be reaching an end, for now. Looks like I have to find another film to work on... And I might also be moving... but nothing is set in stone yet as far as that is concerned...

But enough about that for now, here's some random sketchbook pages to distract you...


New Years Adventures in Vegas

Funtowne in the freezing cold
adventures were had
in Vegas

2006, out the door
come on in, 2007

(click the photo below for more photo fun)

Props to Kevin for the photoblog design!

Cleaning Up for 2007

Cleaning out the sketch closet to make way for 2007... Here were some random finds...


Adventure Time!

This is my friend Pen's badass short cartoon that he made. Watch it!

Beep boop boop boooOOOP!

Cartoon Brew beat me to it...


One of My Favorite Short Films

I've been pretty slow on posting my work this year. Big changes are ahead for 2007, which makes a neglectful blogger out of me...


Happy New Year


Get outta town, 2006, no one liked you anyway!

Yes, I am in this photo, with my friend Hugo. We're in the back row. Look carefully...