Victoria's Not So Secret!

I've been kind of busy with LIFE lately, and haven't had much blogging time. Holidays are nipping at my ankles... I meant for this drawing to be a sketch and take me a lot less time than it did. I need to work on my speed a little. At any rate, I wanted to do a drawing of a sexy model because I recently attended the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2006, thanks to my friend Dave. We got to see Justin Timberlake. And to answer your question, I'm not sure if he performed his big hit, "Sexy Back," because I don't know the names of his songs. But he sure rocks hard!


Ranting Without Speaking Too Much

Sometimes life can be a bitch.

So can people, both as a verb and as a noun.

So can days.

Today wasn't as bad for me as it was for this guy, but lately I've been feeling like this guy a lot (click on the image to get the bigger version, if you like)...

In other news, I got myself addicted to Guitar Hero II. YEAH!...


Visuals Recorded on My Mobile Phone III

Saving the best for last:

Me and Martha after the Baxton Benefit Auction! Hooray!!!

Visuals Recorded on My Mobile Phone II

A small group of things that made me laugh:

117392127_378512439_0 117389455_378503237_0

(Halloween, in case you didn't guess that already...)

Visuals Recorded on My Mobile Phone I

A small selection of landscapes from the past 3 months

The recently re-opened Griffith Observatory


117385453_378489286_0 117385195_378488378_0
Mission Tiki Drive In: KCET Sci-Fi/Horror Night!


Rock Puppets

I keep hearing random rock songs that I wanna make puppet videos for. Here are some of the ideas I had in mind for puppet designs:



Bus Ride

I wouldn't mind not being at work today. It would be nice to take a bus to someplace random today. Anyone wanna go?