Trick or Treat


Mopey at School

I'm mopey at work, so might as well draw some mopey characters... (mopey x 3!)


A boredom doodle. The background is some random image from the internet I found when googling "lounge."


Halloween is Approaching

What will you be doing for Halloween? Wanna invite me to your party? I have no definite plans except to have a nice drink.




Cellphone's Dead



I had a good pitch today, so I decided to do another drawing of something other than animals to relax. A vignette to help me explore who this character is...

(click on it to see it humongous-style)


Not Working

I ended up drawing this instead of drawing animals this morning.

And I signed it in the bottom corner when I was pretending to be a cartooninst for Playboy.

15 Miles in the Snow

I've been working on a list of projects I've been thinking about for a long time, but not doing anything about. This year started out kind of rough for me, and the middle of it wasn't so hot either. With the exception of an awesome trip to Japan, I went through a bit of a rough patch. I was unsure about work, unsure about the future, and not sure whether I would ever be as creative and productive as I was while I was a student.

Recently, seemingly all at once a bunch of things have happened that have made me feel a combination of inspiration and tenacity that I haven't felt in a few years, or at least not to this degree. I went out and bought a notebook, and a few days ago, and listed all the ideas that have been building up in my brain about all the projects I keep intending to start, but haven't, due mostly to my own laziness. There are art shows, toy ideas, children's book stories, feature ideas, short ideas... And ideas kept breaking off of other ideas, like little idea amoebas.

These sketches are the first serious development work I've started in a long while... They are for an idea that I'm hoping to begin in the same way that a children's book is started, really unique visuals combined with a simple,quirky story. I'd like to see if I can stretch the story blanket for this particular idea big enough to turn it into a feature, but I'm not sure yet. I would be happy just to make a short, too... I just know that I need to get back to telling my own stories again. It's gonna take a while to find that place outside of school, but I'm ready to fight my way there...


Main Character Development

Here's some development I'm doing for one of my current ideas... I'm trying to figure out a design for a main character...

click to make it bigger!


Opening Page

Here's my first rough image of what I might want the opening page of my website to look like. What do you think? I want this to be what it looks like when you roll over a plain silohette of the mister monster head in the center.



Cheshire Cat

Here is a glimpse of my piece that will be at Gallery 1988 for the Cheshire Cat Show this week.


It lights up!



I enjoy blogging, but it's been difficult lately not to get swept under the flood of other cool artists blogs that have blossomed since I first started this crazy adventure. I plan to keep my blog going, but I think it's time for me to sprout my internet wings and make a full-fledged website. A lot of planning and designing is ahead of me, but here are some random seeds from which I hope a neat little acre of Elizabeth-webspaceland will grow...


Messin Around with My Toshiba Tablet

I'm trying to test out mixing my hand drawn work with the digital format stuff:


I've also been crazy busy lately, my brain pretty much feels as crowded as this drawing... but luckily this week it's calmed down a little. Maybe when I'm done cooling my engines, I'll take a bit of time to explain more with words.