Wacky Towne


This was a painting I did a few years ago for a children's book idea that was never completed. I promised the painting to Mari...

My life has been a little wacky-crazy style lately, so I apologize for the lack of posts...


(A) Good Friday




Martha Stewart Gets Mad at Cookie Monster

It's Friday, and I think I'm gonna let another monster do the talking. This is not a monster of my creation, although I wish it was... A friend made me a VHS tape of this back in the day... about 3 or 4 years ago... It's one of my favorite displays of humor + passive aggression... TGIF!


I Wish it was FRIDAY ALREADY!!!



I MADE IT!!! Just in Time!


Smoking Girl



Tuesday Hangover



Bleh, it's Monday





My Brother


The Road Less Taken: Mister Monster's Big Debut

My junior year film from Cal Arts, featuring the debut of Mister Monster. There's a big gap of white at the beginning, sorry about that... I couldn't figure out how to edit that in Quicktime Pro...


Scary Mari: One of the Coolest Girls I Know


I made Mari look scary, I hope she's not offended... but... both she and I share a talent... The scary stare! Sometimes that is how we communicate.

Mari is going to be in the Cover to Cover show at Nucleus:

A show jam packed with talent! The opening is August 19th, and other cool peeps will be there, including the Fleet Street Scandal boys. I'm not in the show, but I will be at the opening to support my friends, and look at rockin' art!

As a present to myself for not going completely nuts yet, I might also buy the lastest Glenn Barr book if they have it, since I restrained myself from running off with it at Comicon...


Short on Time to Explain

(Yeay for throwing-knives!)

Despite the looks of this image, I think the pitch went well today...


Hot Cross Bunnies

Through the magic of You Tube, here's the film I made during my second year at Cal Arts.


FRIDAY!!! It felt like a Monday!

Too much to do over the weekend, & today was crazy!


A Comicon Collage

I initially intended to do a better job writing about my adventures and fun times at Comicon, but the gi-normous time calliope machine has caught up to me, and I'm now going to mooch off others good photos and funny material to make up for my shortcomings... But this will also be where I plug their sites as a reward for letting me mooch off their efforts...


First, a funny comic from my friend Pen. Pen was on a panel for the Oh Yeah Cartoon! he finished - Adventure Time.


I met this guy at comicon because a friend of mine had some cool prints in his fists and I wanted to know what hipster he stole them from... So we waded through the nerds and found Kevin and Chris at their Fleet Street Scandal booth, standing there, watching the river of nerds... He took a lot of photos, and a lot of photos with people I know, including this weirdo:


Last, but certainly not least, my friend Erin took some neat photos:
She makes cool plush toys, check out her website, Toys From Saturn. She can make anything your little or big heart desires...


It's Time to Get Down and Digital


I received a Toshiba tablet laptop computer (extravaganza) at work today. It took me a little while to figure out how to change the orientation from portrait to landscape when switching to "tablet" mode. That last sentence was written all computer-graphics nerd style... Anywho, I have officially been given my ticket into the world of digital storyboarding. The image above is my very first digital-storyboard artist creation. When I erase, I instinctively sweep the side of my hand on the surface I just erased... It's gonna be a hard habit to kick, and I'm certain that some young, only-raised-on-digital, upstart is going to catch me doing it in the near future, point, and laugh. I'll talk about walking 15 miles in the snow to get Tombo HB pencils from the general store...

Oh, and... Yes, indeed-- I certainly was reading Peanuts comics today...



I think I accidentally tripped the switch that put my life into overdrive... There are a bunch of projects I want to complete, and they are causing an avalanche in my brain... Hopefully a it will spill out as a beautiful disaster.

Here's a doodle that I did at work yesterday, when I took a space-out break.


It's a girl holding a cord, perhaps to strangle someone with, or that has already been used for that purpose. It ended up looking less menacing than I had hoped. I decided to clean it up, and wanted to try combining the styles of Ronald Searle and Art Nouveau...


After seeing the black and white, ink version, my friend Jen said it looks Edward Gorey-ish as well... Hooray! I like Edward Gorey!

Here's the crude, color version I did this morning:

Also, I found out yesterday that I will apparently be pitching one of my projects to Fox on Monday, at 10AM. Although I knew it was coming, I didn't know the exact date or time until yesterday afternoon at 5PM. Time to strap myself in for some personal project overtime. Let's get together for a drink when this ride slows down again-