Big Sneaker Pimpin'

Painted this last night for a show called Sneaker Pimps, tonight... Uhm... It's not affiliated with the band from the 90's that had two songs on the radio and then disappeared... at least I don't think it is... Spin Spin Sugar!


Here's the info on the show, if ya wanna go! :)


Comicon Adventure: Day 1. Wednesday

Click on the image below for legible gigantor style...


Crammin, and Some Auction Updates

My life feels like this lately:

Happy, but crammed. Here's a really funny article on arcades in Japan, where I stole this picture from.

Update on the Martha Baxton Benefit Auction... The date has been pushed to September 17th... approximately a month later than before. Also, we are trying to arrange to have the event at Cal Arts, but it's not yet confirmed that this is an option. Please spread the word about the date change. There is a website for the event now, here. The info might not be updated yet, but it will be soon. We will also be sending out an evite, so if you would like to be included on the list, please email me so I can add your address to the tree...


Owned, at Comicon!

I was caught by Francine!


Look at how wide I can open my mouth... It looks like people should be throwing M &Ms in it, like Big Bertha. Vinyl Pulse is everywhere! Radtastic!!!

For much better coverage of Comicon than I could ever muster, check out Vinyl Pulse, fo shizzle!!!

Sunday Treat: Jack Mack and Radboy

Some Sunday wackiness... Back to the office on Monday after Comicon insanity... Images and stories coming soon!

I found this on one of my all time favorite sites!!!


Light Bulb Business Card Buddy

Here is my new logo for my fancy business card that I revamped for fancy Comicon. I will be going Wendesday through Friday (possibly through Saturday, but I'm not sure how much I can take yet). I may also possibly have pins and prints at the Munky King booth... Would you like one? Come find me, it'll be a fun game of hide and go seek...



Ok, so I am back into my Michel Gondry obsession. I am re-igniting my quest to work with him... then hang out, watch weird animation films, and drink beers together.

click it!!!

And then...

I don't know how to speak or understand French, but I still watched this till the end, and was happily surprised... It is worth it... Trust me...


Yes, Indeed...


I still want to meet Michel Gondry.


For the Benefit of Martha and Larry Baxton

(click on the image to see it big size)

Martha Baxton is the main secretary in the Character Animation department at Cal Arts, but she is definitely much more than that to hundreds of animation students who have gone there. For many, she is one of the most loving, supportive people we looney animators have to calm us down during our most insane moments at school, and turn to at our most difficult times. Many of us heard earlier this year that she was faced with difficult times after her husband Larry suffered a stroke. My friend Zac Moncrief suggested we organize a fund raising effort to help her out, and I agreed that it was a good idea, as did many (many, many, many) others.

I am pleased to say that Theresa Cullen, Sue Kroyer, Cathlin Hidalgo-Polvani, and I have finally started the wheels in motion for a silent auction to benefit Martha and Larry Baxton. The date will be August 19th, and most likely will be held in the courtyard of the new IDT/Film Roman building, across the street from the Burbank airport. Please tell others about this, and hopefully I will have further updates regarding time, and other details. We are not sure yet whether we will be able to have online bidding, as there are concerns over the shipping of artwork and goods...

Any and all donations for auctionable items are welcome and accepted, email me for where to send or drop off things. Of course, if any one would like to help us prepare for this event, we could definitely use the help. If you would like to be on the email chain to be part of the dialogue regarding this, please feel free to email me as well.

Last, but far from least, my friend (who is my collaborator on the image above) Pen Ward and I had the idea to have a poster made to sell at the event, with the proceeds going to the Martha and Larry Baxton fund. In the same way he and I collaborated on the image above, we thought it would be fun to try it on a larger scale with as many artists as would like to participate. The idea is that we will make a big poster with a bunch of different characters on it, each character drawn by a different artist who knows Martha... All you character animation folk would have to do is send a relatively good quality scan of the character you want to be on the poster, and we would try to take care of the rest.

If you are one of the many animators/storyboard artists/designers/etc with a blog (I know there are a lot of you out there now) or a website, if you wouldn't mind, please put a link to this post on your site, so as many people as possible will know about the auction.


New Job

I start a new job today! I will be once again working for IDT/Film Roman as a storyboard artist on one of their feature projects.

I am also working on something else that may not end up turning into anything... But here is the first image I finished out of three or four that I want to do:

{click the image to make it bigger}

Don't worry, they're not all this melancholy...

I'd like to simplify the color as much as possible on the character, I'll have to play around with developing a more graphic style for shadows and highlights that will still match the photo.


I Like Go-Go Girls




I am about to have my first professional credit on a movie... EVER! It's on what was origianlly called Yankee Irving, but now it is called Everyone's Hero. In the trailer, I even recognize a few shots from sequences I did.


It's a weird feeling, because I've told a few people my name will be on it, but a lot of people who I've told have the same reaction.

Me: I'm getting my first movie credit!
Other Person: What movie?
Me: Everyone's Hero... It used to be called Yankee Ir...
OP: (interrupting) OOooooohhhh... Is that the one about the talking bat? That looks [insert disdainful comment here].

Depending on how perceptive they are, OP will continue to talk about how much the movie is going to blow chunks...

While I don't claim to disagree with their sarcasm, sometimes it riles me up a bit... It rains a little on my parade of momentary excitement. Here's what they aren't thinking about that I am:

1.I'll be able to see how my boards were translated into something on a giant screen
2. My name will scroll past the screen in a real theater, in real life, off real 35mm film
3.(last but most importantly) I'll have a page on IMDB.

Anywho, i still have yet to see it... I hear the trailer is in front of Garfield 2.

Hee hee...