Sculpting the CatOwlPillar

I've been spending a great deal of time working on my own stuff lately. I decided to sculpt, and remembered why I like art-making in the first place. I lost track of time, focused only on the goal of getting the image in my brain out into a physical representation that others could see. I just finished sculpting my latest obsession, the CatOwlPillar.

He's made mainly out of Super Sculpey, with armature wire in his arms and legs. His fingers got a little browned from the repeated baking, and the burn marks are from the heat gun I was using... I have to learn not to put it too close. The next step is to put his whiskers on, and then paint him.

On another random note, this person likes Mister Monster, I guess. My friends at Vinyl Pulse have a little entry about it on their page. It kind of weirds me out, but in a good way. I think it might be cool to have a show full of customized Mister Monsters, but I have no idea how to organize that kind of thing. Maybe I'll get some ideas while I'm in JAPAN next week. I still can't believe I'm going so soon... Shikataganai.


Newsprint List Paper

I've been trying to keep myself busy doing things while I'm waiting for other things to happen. Sounds like a whole lot of vague, but that's kind of how things are going for me right now! (^_^) I got some small newsprint pads from the 99 Cents store a while back, and these are the first things I've drawn on them.


Japan Trip, Part Deux

I am traveling to Japan at the beginning of June. This time, unlike the first time I went, I will sort of be on my own. Last time I went with my family, and was pretty much led around by the hand by others who knew the language, and also knew where they were going. I think this is going to be fun, but I am still trying to figure out where the best places to stay are, and my friends would like to go nightclubs...

If anyone has any sort of advice to offer about affordable yet pleasant places to stay in Tokyo, or where there are fun places to go at night, please comment or contact me somehow.. Any advice is welcome!!! Or if you live there, and maybe want to hang out with some fun people from the States, hit me up! (^_^)


The Next Step is Color

I am coming up with the colors for the pins... Here's one of the variations I've done so far...





I'm trying to learn Flash so that I can build a fancy website. Here's the first thing I've drawn in Flash:

I think, in general, it's a good representation of how I've been feeling lately...


Thoughts of the Moment


The Cute and Fun World of LocoRoco

I attended the E3 Expo on Friday, and got to play LocoRoco, a game that is soon to be released for PSP. It was one of the only games I felt was different from anything else at the show. LocoRoco is cute, whimsical, and fun... And refreshingly weird... The controls were simple, the designs- deceptively simple and appealing, all-in-all, very much an E for Everyone kind of game. I found this interview with the creator on YouTube. It made me glow with happiness to hear him talking about his reasons for making the game, and what he had to do to get Sony to understand what he wanted to do. It sounds like it's incredibly similar to trying to get your own projects and ideas through the animation studio "system".

I hope there are more games like this in the future. I'm getting really tired of hyper-realistic, gun shooting, car stealing, kill-my-friends kind of games... Lets go back to FUN! YEAY!


Sunny Day


My 15 Minutes... Ok... 30 Minutes!

Holy cow! I'm flattered to be featured in the latest issue of Clutter Magazine, and now that I've recieved it in the mail, I'm doubly flattered... I feel famous (*blushing*)... I only hope I can continue to provide amusement for others to the calibur that is reflected in the article... Thank you, Geoff, and I hope you don't mind that I've scanned the article... (to read the type, click on the images below)


Hurray for Mari-chan!

Mari-chan! Cool show!!! Hurraaay!

I just got back from my friend Mari's art show opening at Nucleus. She is standing in front of my favorite painting from the show. The rest of the show is lovely as well. so don't miss out... go check out her cool work! Yeah, like, now!


Resin Cast of Future Love

It's gonna light up, and hopefully win your heart. The dots are going to hypnotize you into loving it... love it... love it...

(love it)


8-Bit Muppet

Some people are too easy to make into muppets:

Jon Gibson, Curator of the I AM 8-BIT show

Someone build it for next year's show!


Of Montreal - Wraith Pinned to the Mist

Maybe this is old news, because this video has been out for a while, or so I've been told. At any rate, my kind of video... I wish I made it!