Standardized Testing

I just finished working on a character design test. A lemur, and a gorilla, for you to judge...


Happiness is Making Others Happy

Awe... This made my day. (The part I'm speaking of is towards the bottom of the linked page)

I was looking to steal an image to represent my inner warmth, but when I did a google image search on "happy," this image came up...


Roger that! Elizabeth is a Big Nerd, Over!

I am a big nerd, and it's confirmed on film/video. I'm the only girl artist interviewed... Nevertheless, a good little spot on the opening for the I AM 8 BIT 2.006. Props to Coin-Op TV.

Mega Simple

Sorry it was a long time with no post. Maybe no one is reading this because they gave up after many consecutive days of nothing new. Computer monitor shenanigans are to blame.

Here are some preliminary sketches I did before I did my piece for the 8-bit show... Enjoy giggling or scoffing (or both) at their elementary nature. Just remember, you make fun of Megaman, and he will END you!


Yeay for Flickr

Neato! Someone who I don't know took this pic!!! yeay! Here are more photos from this year and last year's show:

Clickity-click me!!!



Happy movie day!!! I heart puppets...


I AM 8-BIT Tomorrow Night

I AM 8-BIT! Tomorrow night starting at 7, on Melrose... there's a lot of cool art, cool people, and cool games! Yeay! I have the biggest piece in the show, not to brag about size or nuthin... Here's my favorite part of it... Me beating Mega Man! Boo-ya!

In other news, my computer had the logic board replaced... and after that didn't work, they are now replacing the display for the second time in less than a month... heck, in less than 2-weeks? I'll let you know if it ever makes it out of the Genius Bar...


Chicago Rocked and then a Broken Computer Broke My Heart

I just got back from a 5 day trip to Chicago. It was part vacation and mostly for family related things, but overall it was a nice trip. The weather was nice, and it was cool to be in a different place for a while and not think about real life too much. Unfortunately, within 10 minutes of being home, the world came crashing back down as soon as I got home and plugged in my supposedly newly fixed computer and found that the display went back to it's broken, pinkish tint after $800 of Genius work. I think the Genius Bar needs to talk to Mensa and get some harder tests for their employees...

To release some of my frustration I drew this creature who likes to eat trumpets, and most horn shaped brass instruments. He's farting out music as a result of the food he most enjoys... as is usually the case... Thanks to my friend Steve for giving me this idea late yesterday evening.