Concert - Clutter

I went to see Stereolab perform last night and drew some of KCRW-hipster-music crowd that were out on the patio trying to avoid being bored to death by an overly-mellow opening band...

Cool news! I'll be in the next issue of Clutter Magazine! Yeay!


It's Hard to Wake Up Sometimes

Lately I've been feeling pretty close to this in the mornings...





(click on the image above to see it bigger)


Mega Dilemma

Here is the full version of the teaser I posted the other day... I've been working on completing my submission for this year's I Am 8-Bit show. My original plan was to make pseudo-Golden Book pages (images that look like children's book illustrations + text that evokes a similar feeling). Now that I've finished a couple of the parts of my piece, I'm not sure whether or not it needs any text. One friend said he thinks minimal text would add to the children's book feeling. Another said he thinks it's too much, and that the images will be stronger if left without text. Yet another friend suggested that I take the original text from the game and use that as text for the images. What do you think?


I'm a Tease

A piece of a piece, for an upcoming show that I'm in... guess what show! (^_^) ... Can you tell who it is?

He likes marshmallows, I guess...



Friday, Blah!

This is what yesterday felt like. However, on the other hand, Saturday feels great so far...


I Wish I Did This

A cool video:

At A Glance