Work blew chunks today. Here's an old drawing to distract you.


Monday Blues

I don't like Mondays, and today is no exception. I drew these at work today. Bluish girls with cooler clothes than I have. What do ya think?

I like that it is raining today, and the temperature is chilly...(^_^) I am currently listening to the soundtrack for Me and You and Everyone We Know, an addition to my list of favorite modern movies. It is pleasing my eardrums and mood.


Art Night

I went to an art show at Boardners last night. It was an interesting attempt, in that the art show is only up for one night, and it is at a place that is normally a venue where they have nightclubs. The crowd was a little more of the nightclub variety, but here are there were artsy-ish folk. I did a couple of drawings after I got home of different people I still had floating in my mind... In general the tone was slighly goth-y... There were a couple of bands playing... And a man that was lying on the ground with a sign in front of his person that said, "Walk On Me." I don't really enjoy physical contact with strangers, so, I chose to walk around him.


Where Monkey is King

I'm working on a mascot for my friends at Munky King... I don't have a lot of time to elaborate today, but I at least wanted to share some of my development work with you... I'm tryin' to make it feel like the old cereal box characters, but with a bit more of an edge to it...

The difficulty thus far has been to really keep the essence of the mythology that I'm dealing with, yet give it a modern twist... and by that I also mean to make it feel original...


New Toys Bustin' Out!

I am preparing to win your hearts over with a new, yet practical toy idea... I hope me and my creations will succeed! (^_^)


CatOwlPillar, Back in Action

(click on the image above if you wanna actually read it, since for some reason blogger wants it to be tiny)

I think it's time for CatOwlPillar to be revisited.


Seeking Inspiration

I need to get back to where this guy in my drawing is at.


Halfway Mark

Today is Wednesday. Halfway through the week... Hooray! Here is another sketch, less rendered.


Wednesday Will Brighten Your Monday

My friend, Wednesday Kirwan just finished spiffying up her website. Yes, her name is Wednesday. Yes, that was the name she was given at birth. And yes, her art is amazing and cool. She currently lives in San Francisco, and I am entirely envious. Hopefully soon I can live there, too.

Anyway, enough of my yammerin'... I think you should check her site out, if you know what's good for ya! (If you don't know what's good for ya, then I'm your online mom, dragging you by your ear, telling you you're grounded if you don't go to her site)

Working, But it's Not Working

I've been messing around with different types of faces, hands, and overall style mimicry for a character I'm trying to develop. I was aiming for a Ronald Searle looking style, which I think I was getting close to, but was still falling a little short. I also have to get a little bit more skilled with the pen and ink stuff. I started to get kind of frustrated with trying to figure out how I want the face to look. I decided to switch modes for a bit after that, and start rendering some drawings, to get a better idea of how I might be able to translate a flat, wiry drawing into a more three-dimensional character.

I think I need to get darker paper to really make the white pencil stand out. I'm mildly happy with her costume, more so the colors than the actual outfit... Aaaaaagghhh.. there's a lot of stuff I need to improve the next go around... But for now, here she is...


"It's kind of like a... found art object."

Emo Kid Overload

These drawings were done while I was at work, thinking about all the Myspace types. The abundance of clever ways that people have taken artsy photos of themselves is impressive, yet when your job involves seeing hundreds of these photos through out the day, they can get a little nauseating.

That evening, I had lots of plans with people, most of which ended up falling through, so the evening turned into a nice date with myself at Starbucks. I did some doodling while I was there, which was a nice break from thinking about emo kids.


Stress Relief Through Drawing

Since I was a small child, drawing served primarily as an outlet for an overflow of emotions. Today not much is different, except that now I get paid to draw the emotions of fictional characters. The creative process is pretty much the same as when I was a kid, in the sense that I project my emotions in to the characters I'm drawing. Sometimes it can be hard to work on a sequence that is generally happy and whimsical when you are feeling not so full of whimsy. Likewise for sad sequences, they can also be tough to work on because sometimes they can bring you down.

Recently life has been unusually hectic, so I've been feeling a little overwhelmed and low. In "celebration"(?) of that, I will be posting a series of bad mood drawings, that hopefully make you laugh, and not feel all uncomfortable and weird.

*I would like to draw your attention to the bear-like qualities I've projected on myself in this drawing. My Dad says that my eyes look like the way Gary Larson depicts the eyes on bears.

Mister Monster Climbs Online!

Mister Monster is busting his way online, with his very own Myspace account! Myspace is "like-totally" a networking tool that all the kids are using these days. I just saw an episode on Dateline that said it is also being used by pedophiles. Mister Monster says, "Just say no to pedophilia!". Ahem.. anyway... check him out! And if you are a fellow myspacer, add him as a friend if you haven't already! I double-dog-dare ya!

*Note: That isn't my thumb in this picture... someone else sent me this when they finished the paint process on this version of Mister Monster (comicon version...)

Kitty Swallows Strikes Again!

What-what!!?? My friend Theresa and her puppet friend Kitty Swallows have yet another chance at even more stardom... One of the three finalists get to join the cast of Avenue Q, onstage! Cool video, cool girls, what more could you ask for! Yeay!

Vote for Kitty!


Cute or Creepy?

Just wondering if I crossed the fine line between cute and creepy. Japanese design tends to walk that tightrope often... Well? Thoughts?


Panel (Part II)

Here is a sketch I did of Go-Go from Kill Bill a while back.

As far as the panel goes (see a brief mention of it in yesterday's post), we talked about many aspects of blogging. I primarily use my blog to communicate with people I've met at different studios who may wonder what I'm up to now that I don't see them on a regular basis. Since it's often difficult to make time to call people or meet with them once you don't work at the same place, I figured my blog would give them a conveinient way to find out what I've been up to. Kevin Koch, the union president and moderator for the panel, asked if I've had any trouble with people stealing my work or ideas from things that I've posted. I do occassionally have that fear, but for the most part, if someone steals anything I did on my blog, my feeling is that they'd never be able to create anything very good with a stolen idea. Or at least, nothing as good as what I would make with my own idea. My ideas are usually strange anyway, so it would be hard for another person to get very far with them. The last question (or more accurately, the last question I feel like mentioning today) was whether this could segueway into a full-fledged website. The answer is yes, and I'm working on learning HTML little-by-little, so hopefully later this year I will have something cool to show you with regards to that. Right now I'm not very far with that project... Heck, I'm still trying to think of a clever domain name!!! Any suggestions?


Bilbo Bloggins

On Tuesday night I went to an Animation Union meeting for the first time in my life. They had good pizza, and talked about a bunch of business-y animation stuff. It's interesting to hear stuff talked about that I'm used to being things I usually hear purely by word of mouth (like about what companies are doing what, and whose hiring, etc etc). Also, they have a gavel, which made it cool in an officious kind of way. On the panel with me were Clay Kaytis and Jim Hull. We talked about blogging. It was fun, and now I get to go buy some stuff at Trader Joe's as my reward! Hooray!


Boredom Documented in a Tiny Sketchbook

Here are three tiny spreads that I drew while at work, waiting for the internet to stop being a jerk. I hope you can feel the boredom, oozing from the pages of my tiny graph paper book.

Coming up soon: More about my very first Animation Union meeting, and the first panel I've ever been on...