Social Artist?

Thanks to those of you who made it out to my show! I felt extraordinarily supported and loved. It was fun times, but also a challenge for me... I get nervous when I have to talk to a lot of people. And there were quite a lot of people! However, there were so many happy faces of people I knew, that it wasn't that scary. My friends at Storyopolis did a completely awesome job of framing and hanging my work. It turned out light-years beyond what I had imagined. I had a whole wall of work! A friend of mine asked me what Elizabeth-of-3-Years-Ago would say if I told her about the Storyopolis show. She probably would've rolled her eyes, bought a cup of coffee, and then would go hide at her desk. Then the Elizabeth-of-Today would roll her eyes and go back to her time machine and wonder why no one ever told her she was so cynical.


I'm not completely sure how long the show is up, but I figure for at least a week. So if you missed the show on Saturday, you can go by and check it out at your leisure. As for other things you can do this week, tomorrow night, I will be on a panel at the Animation Guild meeting, "The Internet for Fun and Profit." The meeting starts at 7PM, and here is the address:


If you can make it, it might be rockin! (like me in this photo)


RSVP Please!

If you are planning on attending the reception for my show on Saturday night, please RSVP by calling 818-509-5600. Also, if you know others who are planning on going, please let them know that they have to RSVP.

I just got to see the postcard last night for the show, and realized that they require people to RSVP if they are attending... Sorry for the last minute-ness of this information, but it wouldn't truly be a night with "the animators" if there wasn't something last minute and frantic about it... Here's more info from the Storyopolis website. I also would like to credit my friend Hugo with giving me the idea of how to theme my pieces for the show. Without his suggestion, I would've been lost... He suggested I do different relatives of Mister Monster, like how the Prince in Katamari Damacy has a bunch of cousins... Many thanks, Hugo.

Here is a drawing I did of Beck after seeing him in concert a couple years ago. At one point he came out in a light-up suit. It was radtastic! He's a really good performer, and seems to have a good sense about how to entertain an audience.


Sketches from the Derby

I went to the Derby last night to see my friend Sasha play in a KCRW sponsored show. It was nice to see people I knew from school again. I miss being able to see some of them as regularly as I did before. I also did a couple of sketches. The first one is of my friend Mari looking at a drawing my friend Jeremy did of her earlier in the evening. The second is of a bunch of guys that were blocking my view (since a good view is important when listening to music). In addition to trying to pick up freelance, and working towards obtaining a full time job, I am starting to work more on getting pitches together. I will probably be going out to different studios in the next few weeks to throw various ideas at them and hope that one or two get stuck to their clothes so they are forced to produce them. I'll be makin' sure to bring extra chewing gum with me, to improve my odds.


Storyopolis Show Reception

I received word yesterday that the reception for the Storyopolis show I am in is this Saturday, January 28th, from 7-9PM.

I am hoping that many of you will be able to attend. That is why I used bold type! Unfortunately I don't know much about the other artists in it, so you will just have to treat it like a semi-blind date.

These drawings were done last night when I was trying to develop my arsenal of tricks for drawing girls. I dunno, I think I still have a long way to go... I want to get better at coming up with tricks that are specific to certain eras of fashion and design and use them to draw characters that embody those time periods... Blah-blah-blah... I was using one of the last Tuscan Red Colerase pencils in existence. Sadly, the Colerase company discontinued a lot of it's colors a couple years ago. It's hard for artists to cope when companies discontinue their favorite products. For a little while, there was a mad rush to hoard a certain type of Pentel pen because there was a rumor they weren't making any more. As I was looking for an image to link, I came across this internet gem instead...

Speaking of discontinued products, there is a current campaign to save the Gocco printer. It's a cool little machine... Formerly manufactured in Japan, but currently being phased out. Read more about it here.


Freelance Fun and a Robbudy

A correction to the previous post: I've been having fun doing some freelance character design work, but no officious day job yet...

Also, to clarify a cryptic post of bloggerific-moments-past, I am working with my toy friends to bring you a light up, wearable version of my friend (and yours), the Robuddy. This is part of the turnaround sketches that were sent to the sculptor. I hear that I will see the finished product sometime in April. He will probably be about the height of a Pink Pearl eraser.

If someone steals this design from me, I'll egg their house everyday for a year...

Hoping for a Catbus

It was so windy by my apartment last night, that I expected to see a catbus or Totoro fly by overhead while I was walking to my door. Especially because right as I was parking my car the power went out on my street, so I had to walk through the wind in the dark.
In other news, no definite employment yet, but there are a couple promising possibilities.

Above this text is a sketch I did a while back, when it was freezing and I was stressed about everything that wasn't happening at Disney (before I knew what was going to happen with my show).


Fortune Cookie of Destiny

I had a nice Thai lunch with my Dad today. This was the fortune I got. I suppose it's more of a statement than a fortune. I guess if I plan to conquer the world, I better start living up to this one... Or get better at wrestling and stone throwing.

Regarding the Storyopolis event, I'm not exactly sure if I have the date right or not, as soon as I get accurate information, I will be sure to post it. In the meantime, check it out! My work is up on the Storyopolis site!



Haha! Yeay for owls! Wise, cute, and a perfect cartoon animal. I came across this image while looking for a website that sells the stuffed owl from Lost in Translation. Monseuil is the name of the company, I guess.


I don't know... I kinda like this one... Vegetation Monster!


Somebody's a Winner!

My good friend Theresa is going to NY because she's awesome!

A while back I told you she was in a contest... Well, she WON! YEAY! I hope to hear about her glorious entrance into fame and fortune when she returns from her adventure...


Holy Heredity, Batman!

My Dad has a blog! It's funny and eccentric... like him.

Chez What!?

Here is another one. He likes cooking, running, and hats as big as his person.

I turned in all my pieces yesterday, and now have to send them a price list. I'm really bad at figuring that kind of stuff out... Any suggestions on how to decide prices for artwork would be appreciated.

In other interesting news, I am going to be on my very first panel! At the next Animation Union meeting (Jan 31st), I will be on a panel about how different artists have been using the internet to promote their work... Maybe I'll see you there? B.Y.O.T.(Bring Your Own Tomatoes)!


Mister Monster: his Cousins and Friends are Here to Party!

January 26th! Storyopolis! Be there, and see the first ever pictures of Mister Monster's cousins and friends. Today I'm turning in a bunch of drawings for the show, and here are a few for you to get an idea of what to expect on the 26th:
For those of you who are Storyopolis patrons, but who haven't been there in a while, they've moved to Studio City (might be Sherman Oaks?), on Ventura...

Here is there address:
12348 Ventura Blvd
Studio City, CA 91604

Click on the images to see bigger versions.

I hope to see some of you at the show, and I will have more information about it posted tomorrow (time, other artists in the show, attire, rants, etc.) . I will have a few more images to share as well. I hope you enjoy them, and don't feel nauseous when looking at them.


Storyopolis Show: First sketches

I am doing a bunch of pen & ink drawings for an upcoming show at Storyopolis. It will be a small group show, and I am planning to do a bunch of small pieces. Here is one of the drawings I did last night. I plan to render them a little bit, probably using a watercolor wash, or perhaps marker... Also, as my friend Hugo said to me this morning, happy Friday the 13th, you devil-children you! (^_^)


Video iPod Battle Royal with Cheese

Santa brought me a video iPod this year. My good friend Ben who lives in SF, also got one, from his girlfriend (she is friends with Santa, I guess). When I saw him during my trip, we had a show-and-tell of sorts, showing each other what movies we each carry around in our pockets.

This took the prize as the funniest thing on either iPod:
"Lazy Sunday"

(imagine I am bowing, with a flourish-y hand gesture, presenting this funny gem on a velvety cushion)

SF 2

Besides the architecture, and the friends I have that live in San Francisco, in general, the food there is tasty! I had the pleasure of eating at EOS this weekend. The wine was good, the food was even better, and it was the last evening of the trip, so a nice way to cap off the festivities.

The last day we were there, I saw my toy in the Kid Robot on Haight Street. He was happily hanging with other cool toys. Yeay! I bought some breakfast, some sunglasses, and then Hugo and I headed up to the Legion of Honor, as a tribute to our love of Vertigo. It's lovely up there, there is an art museum at the apex. I had the priveledge of seeing the Art Deco show that was there about a year ago. Thankfully it was sunny when we were there this weekend.


Weekend Trip to SF

On Friday, my friend Hugo and I left for a rockin' weekend in San Francisco. We stayed at the Stanyon Park Hotel, close to "the Haight," and most importantly, three minutes, ten homeless people, and five doobies away from Amoeba Music. The first night we were there, I got to hang out with some old friends from UCLA. I ate at a tasty crepe shop and then we went to a club called "Loaded," saw a band, and danced until late.

(If you click on the picture to the left, you will find that it says "A World of Pain" where there really shouldn't be that kind of world...)

The next day we went on a walking tour of Victorian architecture around SF. I would recommend it, if you are into Victorian stuff, and walking... The creepy picture to the right is a light fixture at Queen Anne Hotel in SF, one of the stops on the tour. The hotel used to be a girl's finishing/ boarding school. Creepy to the max... I like it.

More about the trip tomorrow, but now, I have jobs to hunt. Portfolio in one hand, rifle (loaded with elephant tranquilizers) in the other... Here I go! (^_^)


Escape from LA

Time for a vacation!

I'm headed off to San Francisco this weekend for a much needed break from the norm. I might even be seeing the original King Kong in the Castro on Saturday night. Yeay! Hopefully I'll have some cool sketches to post upon my return...


Small News Day

I will be in a show at Storyopolis this month. Other than that, the only big news I have to report is that I have high cholesterol. Yeay!


Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all!

I will be starting the new year lookin' for a job!

If all else fails, you might find me at the Coffee Bean on San Fernando Road.

Hopefully not...