Merry Ironic Christmas

This year was a low key Christmas for me and my family, which was really nice. I bought my mom the "Charlie Brown Christmas Tree" from Urban Outfitters, amongst other things. She gave me a CD of Charlie Brown Christmas music. I listened to it on the drive home from the house that I lived in my entire life before college. When I got home, I was determined to post a cute, little nostalgic bit from the Charlie Brown Christmas Special that almost everyone I know cherishes like worn photos of years past. As I watched it, I felt a little weird listening to Charlie Brown being anti-commercialism... I plucked his tree off a stack of many other boxes containing authentic Charlie Brown Christmas Trees this year, and only neglected to buy a Linus Blanket because they were all out. Thank you, Urban Outfitters, and America! Thank you for making this Christmas the most ironic to date.

Also, I'd like to point out that I was able to post the above bit of Christmas warmth because of You Tube, which was Time Magazine's Person(?) of the Year, selling for millions of dollars this year, and that the first three clips I clicked on were banned for being a violation of copyright now that it's owned by big money people. What happened to the days of yore, when I could download tons of stuff for free, without the popo busting down my door? Thanks a lot, Metallica, for RUINING the FUTURE!

I'm gonna go to my room and reminisce about 3.5" floppy disks, my 14.4 dial up modem, and 256 megs of RAM, and chuckle myself to sleep...

Beeeeeepssssshhhhhhwaaaaaannnnn!!! (that's the sound of dial-up, kids... when I had to wait 15 minutes for a 1KB file to walk 15 miles in the snow to get to my Amiga)


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