A Comicon Collage

I initially intended to do a better job writing about my adventures and fun times at Comicon, but the gi-normous time calliope machine has caught up to me, and I'm now going to mooch off others good photos and funny material to make up for my shortcomings... But this will also be where I plug their sites as a reward for letting me mooch off their efforts...


First, a funny comic from my friend Pen. Pen was on a panel for the Oh Yeah Cartoon! he finished - Adventure Time.


I met this guy at comicon because a friend of mine had some cool prints in his fists and I wanted to know what hipster he stole them from... So we waded through the nerds and found Kevin and Chris at their Fleet Street Scandal booth, standing there, watching the river of nerds... He took a lot of photos, and a lot of photos with people I know, including this weirdo:


Last, but certainly not least, my friend Erin took some neat photos:
She makes cool plush toys, check out her website, Toys From Saturn. She can make anything your little or big heart desires...


Blogger potato farm girl said...

Very funny comic! Nice photos, I missed those awesome prints. Dang it!

5:22 PM, August 03, 2006  
Blogger Scott Warren said...

Those are some great caricatures. I've known Kevin for years, and that's definitely him.

12:04 PM, August 04, 2006  

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