Working, But it's Not Working

I've been messing around with different types of faces, hands, and overall style mimicry for a character I'm trying to develop. I was aiming for a Ronald Searle looking style, which I think I was getting close to, but was still falling a little short. I also have to get a little bit more skilled with the pen and ink stuff. I started to get kind of frustrated with trying to figure out how I want the face to look. I decided to switch modes for a bit after that, and start rendering some drawings, to get a better idea of how I might be able to translate a flat, wiry drawing into a more three-dimensional character.

I think I need to get darker paper to really make the white pencil stand out. I'm mildly happy with her costume, more so the colors than the actual outfit... Aaaaaagghhh.. there's a lot of stuff I need to improve the next go around... But for now, here she is...


Blogger Marc Crisafulli said...

I would suggest looking at early Searle, Like Female Trouble and the St. Trinian's stuff. That's some of my favorite work of his. It's a little less refined and ornate, more graphic and intuitive.
Anyway, I really like your sketches!

1:56 PM, February 14, 2006  

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