Panel (Part II)

Here is a sketch I did of Go-Go from Kill Bill a while back.

As far as the panel goes (see a brief mention of it in yesterday's post), we talked about many aspects of blogging. I primarily use my blog to communicate with people I've met at different studios who may wonder what I'm up to now that I don't see them on a regular basis. Since it's often difficult to make time to call people or meet with them once you don't work at the same place, I figured my blog would give them a conveinient way to find out what I've been up to. Kevin Koch, the union president and moderator for the panel, asked if I've had any trouble with people stealing my work or ideas from things that I've posted. I do occassionally have that fear, but for the most part, if someone steals anything I did on my blog, my feeling is that they'd never be able to create anything very good with a stolen idea. Or at least, nothing as good as what I would make with my own idea. My ideas are usually strange anyway, so it would be hard for another person to get very far with them. The last question (or more accurately, the last question I feel like mentioning today) was whether this could segueway into a full-fledged website. The answer is yes, and I'm working on learning HTML little-by-little, so hopefully later this year I will have something cool to show you with regards to that. Right now I'm not very far with that project... Heck, I'm still trying to think of a clever domain name!!! Any suggestions?


Anonymous Mr. Ooooooooooooh! said...

ito-mosquito.com or...ooooooooooooh.com

6:42 PM, February 03, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you mean literally learning HTML code, I'd skip it. Using a WYSIWYG program like Dreamweaver is so easy you can practically jump in without knowing anything except basic computer use, and not really miss anything. (I wonder how far Netscape Composer has come? It was pretty cheesy, but it's free and was how I built my first web stuff.)

--AFK's friend Steph in Duluth

8:50 AM, February 04, 2006  
Blogger willipino said...

awesome sketch! i love her nose. she looks like a muppet.

9:42 AM, February 04, 2006  

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