Sketches from the Derby

I went to the Derby last night to see my friend Sasha play in a KCRW sponsored show. It was nice to see people I knew from school again. I miss being able to see some of them as regularly as I did before. I also did a couple of sketches. The first one is of my friend Mari looking at a drawing my friend Jeremy did of her earlier in the evening. The second is of a bunch of guys that were blocking my view (since a good view is important when listening to music). In addition to trying to pick up freelance, and working towards obtaining a full time job, I am starting to work more on getting pitches together. I will probably be going out to different studios in the next few weeks to throw various ideas at them and hope that one or two get stuck to their clothes so they are forced to produce them. I'll be makin' sure to bring extra chewing gum with me, to improve my odds.


Blogger MARILLA said...

Ha ha ha...yes it is me.......i like it a lot!!

2:05 PM, January 27, 2006  

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