Chez What!?

Here is another one. He likes cooking, running, and hats as big as his person.

I turned in all my pieces yesterday, and now have to send them a price list. I'm really bad at figuring that kind of stuff out... Any suggestions on how to decide prices for artwork would be appreciated.

In other interesting news, I am going to be on my very first panel! At the next Animation Union meeting (Jan 31st), I will be on a panel about how different artists have been using the internet to promote their work... Maybe I'll see you there? B.Y.O.T.(Bring Your Own Tomatoes)!


Blogger Jeremy said...

Sorry this is unrelated to your post but I really enjoyed your student film. It was sort of like creature comforts meet monsters inc and that was really cute. Best of luck with your work and maybe Ebay could be a helpful with pricing out your work. Just put some pieces up there and see what they go for. Good luck and all the best!

11:33 AM, January 19, 2006  
Blogger Jeremy said...

Umm.. my grammar sucks... wish I could edit

11:35 AM, January 19, 2006  

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