Vinyl Power!

Thank you for all your support last week. I was pleasantly surprised to have so many responses to my Friday posting...

On to cooler news:

Check it out! The toy I painted is up on Vinyl Pulse... Here are some pictures I took of her before I sent her off... Thanks to Francine at Vinyl Pulse for including me in this giveaway! It was fun to do, especially because I am a big fan of your website...


The Irony of My First Cake Day

Today I received the unfortunate news that ABC Family has decided to pass on my project here at Disney. I had randomly decided to attend "Cake Day," the celebration of a months worth of employee birthdays. I took a piece of cherry pie, put some whipped cream on it, and was looking for coffee when I was called outside of the conference room. Cherry pie and fork in hand, I tried not to reveal the emotions going through me when the executive I've been working closely with told me that ABC Family decided they should move away from trying to do an animated show... I was encouraged to go back in and enjoy the rest of Cake Day, but I decided to take the long way around to the other door, and then back down to my office. I had considered throwing the pie against something, or stomping it, but instead, it's still sitting nicely on a plate off to the side of the computer in my office.

It's been a long day, time to go home...


Mr. Creepy's Dog

My friend asked me to draw what Mr. Creepy would look like. I told him I would have an easier time drawing what his dog would look like.

Him: "Ok, draw his dog then."


He was laughing before I was even finished.
When I asked what was so funny, he drew this:

Life Lesson #4,553:
My drawings look goofier through other people's eyes.


Something fun is brewing! More news about it next year, hopefully... (Hey, next year ain't that far off!)


Party Down?

There were a lot of folks at Friday night's Animation Union Party. As a highlight to the evening I randomly ran into my photography teacher from high school, and he remembered me! His girlfriend is "in the industry." She used to be a traditional animator but had to figure out another road to take after they started wiping that out at Disney. Other than that, I haven't much to say about the party. It was strange to see people that you see daily in the halls where you work, whose names you don't remember, or were never told, so at the party you have the same reaction to them as you do at work... which is to look at your toes or look past them, as if you were headed to the other side of the room to talk to the guy in the Hawaiian shirt who's talking about how he's been in this business since the 70s. At the party, I was also informed by my friend Jeremy that it bothers people when I don't respond to the comments on my posts... A round of apologies to all who think it means "I'm too good for that." I'm not, I just figured I talk enough on here... (^_^) Anyway, I'll try to be better about that...
Sigh... Well, here are some teaser images of the Cre8tive Peeples toy I customized for my friends at Vinyl Pulse. There should be more images of my custom, along with images of all the other artists versions up on the Vinyl Pulse site sometime in the latter half of this week.
Dang... I really need to get crackin' on the Christmas shopping... I think I should dress up as Super Grover whenever I go out Christmas shopping.


Someone's Peeking

If you click the image, it will get bigger.

After I finished this I realized it looked more suggestive than I intended. Oh well... Maybe not as successful as the one I posted yesterday, but I think this character is at least in the same house as the little boy from the last one.

Friday! Time to party down, Local 839 style! The annual animation union Christmas party is tonight. Free drinks, free food, free gift, free gossip! :) I kid, I kid... should be a rockin' good time over at the Pickwick lanes. I'll let you know on Monday.


Moving Watercolor

Sheesh! Cool, beautiful, and concise:

Le Papillion

The House that Mr. Creepy Built

(click on the image for a bigger view)

Storyboarding is on hold, I've finished all the designs that could possibly be done, and essentially there isn't much for me to do until I have fancy meetings set up. Here's what I've been working on while I wait...

This picture is from The Best of Martha Stuart Living: How to Decorate. As much as I dislike Martha, her books are cool looking, and have pleasant pictures. Plus, I found this at a thrift store for $4. I've been photocopying the images from the book, using a lightbox to see through it, drawing on an overlay, and then scanning everything into photoshop to color and composite.


Lunchtime for Colorful Monsters!

Two colorful monsters, who apparently have eaten their plates clean. This is from the opposite page of the last post in the same book, Better Homes and Gardens: Guide to entertaining. I'm looking forward to defacing the next book, which is a Martha Stewart book... Nice pictures of classy interiors... Just waiting to be ravaged by my drawings! Muaaahahahaha! Besides these distractions, I am also currently working on a couple of ideas that I've been brewing for feature films, and one short film.

One of my resolutions this year is to be a little bit more productive, and generally more creative. I also have an idea for an art installation, so perhaps I should take a class on grant writing. Gosh! Maybe I should just make friends with some animation philanthropist, and be set for life. Let me know if you find one who likes people with strange ideas...

This week is going to be a tough one, but probably (unfortunately) not as tough as the weeks ahead. *Sigh...*


Monsters BBQ

In an effort to ignore things that are out of my control right now, I bought a couple of books yesterday afternoon at my (relatively) local" Out of the Closet" Thrift store. Both are being utilized as sketchbooks... Tonight I started with Better Homes and Gardens: Guide to Entertaining. It's a monster BBQ. Gesso is a good replacement for white-out. But... If you are going to use white out, the Pentel white-out pens are the best... Nothing beats it for portability, and that the white-out lays the flattest when dry out of all the white-out brands that I've tried.


What Do I Want and What do They Want?

I've been waiting for the past month or so for feedback on the rough soundtrack I completed. I've been nervous and moody because the longer I wait, the worse I feel the feedback will be. Luckily I've been able to busy myself with character designs, and other random activities while waiting.

Today I finally heard some feedback. I got some strange news about changes to the structure of my show based on the executives reaction to the radio play I did. It kind of throws me for a loop at the moment because... well... just because for now-

Current mood:

Kitty Swallows

In addition to animation, I also like puppets. Muppety-puppets. Last year I got to see Avenue Q. It's one of the funniest musicals I've ever seen, with puppets and humans interacting in a Sesame-Street-kind-of way. If you have the time and the money, it's worth seeing. Heck, it's worth seeing, even if you don't.

They are having a contest and my friend Theresa made it to the top ten! If she wins, she and Kitty get to go sip cocktails with famous people. Theresa was my story teacher at Cal Arts, and helped me turn my lame ideas into funny ones that people actually enjoyed. She is a rockin' story artist for Dreamworks... but I think she and her puppet need to blow that popcicle stand (just kidding, no hard feelings Dreamworks), hit the big-time, and head for Broadway, so I voted for her and Kitty Swallows, and you can, too! No pressure, but she's the best one, so if you vote for someone else, have the chef cut you a slice of lame-cake...


Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

The title of this post is a reference to one of the books I enjoyed reading as a child. I believe it was also one featured on Reading Rainbow, with Lavar Burton (yes, Jordie from... well... if you know, you know...)

Here's something I did that will possibly be in a publication with other artists work... I'm not sure how Flickr would classify this... I was just reading an article about how non-photo images are somehow filtered so people don't see them immediately. Since this is a hybrid, I wonder how they decide. In case you were wondering, he's drinking orange juice in a pink glass. Or whiskey, depending on what mood you think he's in...