No Hands!

I was in a crappy mood earlier, but it's been irradicated by the magic of "No hands!"

A Diversion...

At first I thought my day was crappy... and then I stumbled across this. For more bizarro-kitten-goodness, click this


Workin' on a Logo

Currently I am working on creating a logo for my show. It's kind of fun, but I don't know how good of a graphic designer I am... I guess we'll see! As part of my logo, I drew a monster version of me. I don't know if I'm actually gonna put myself in my own show, but in case I do, this is what I'll look like. I colored and cleaned it up... I figure that I need to start doing that so I can have a basis for how I want things to be colored on my pilot.



Here's to a happy Thanksgiving! Because of the holiday this is a short week. I haven't heard anything yet, except that the executives have received my soundtrack. I did more character designs this week, and have been working with someone at Disney to try figuring a way we can make the clean ups of my characters look like they were drawn with a graphite pencil. It sounds strange, because essentially I want the clean ups to look rough. Oxymoron! This week/weekend I will enjoy stuffing myself with turkey or goose meat (depending on what my dad decides to cook), overdosing on tryptophan, and passing out happy on the couch at my parents house that forces people to sleep whether they want to or not. I hope you have a pleasant holiday, and see you on Monday! (Maybe earlier, depending on the happenings over the holiday)



I hate waiting.


Recording #3

Today I recorded for the third time. We were supposed to record yesterday, but the actor's agent hadn't put the appointment on his calendar. I guess Cameron Diaz was at the same recording studio as me, yesterday... Sheesh! Shrek 3, I guess...

The recording went well. Now I am still waiting. In the meantime, here's a small group of drawings, an excerpt, if you will, from a story assignment I did at Cal Arts. Sorry, not as exciting as Michel Gondry, but such is life! (>_<)


Good News (!) with Fingers Still Crossed

Lately I'd kind of given up on the idea of anyone mildly famous ever agreeing to be a voice for my pilot. A lot of big time agents have a problem with their clients doing improv voice work, and seem to think that their clients would be essentially writing my show. I beg to differ, on many points, with that argument, but am not in a bickering-kind-of-mood today.

As those of you who follow my blog know, I'd recently sent off some drawings meant to woo a couple of directors, who I like a lot, to do cameo voices for my pilot. Thus far, I'd heard that Kevin Smith was interested, but I guess they're trying to see what his schedule is, or something to that effect... But nothing definite has been said yet... As with every other show related thing, I'm still waiting for a response...

At any rate, yesterday afternoon, the person who is helping me with casting at Disney called to make sure I was ok with everything for the record that was supposed to happen this morning. We talked about it, and I said everything was fine. Then he said, "Oh yeah, and um.. Michael... Meeshul... Michelle (?), however you say it, Gondry's agency called, and he is apparently very interested... We are going to send a copy of your film and script to NY so that he can look over both when he is in town (I guess more like when he's in the country... he's in France right now)..." I guess we're supposed to hear from his people in the next couple weeks about whether this will really happen or not. I played it cool for the rest of the conversation, hung up, held for a beat, and then shrieked out loud. He's one of my top five, favorite people/directors in the world right now. And he's gonna see my film and read my script! Hoooooray! Also, he's one of the first people I actually requested who has given any kind of positive feedback so far, so I guess his cool factor just went up by 20%. I'm hoping this means he liked the drawings... And hopefully he will like the other materials Disney is sending him...

Anyway, I guess we'll see what unfolds...

(by the way, in the picture at the top of the post, Michel Gondry is the one who is not Adrian Brody, i.e. the guy on the right, holding the Oscar)


Random News

I got a new car yesterday for the first time in my life. I felt sad trading in my old car and leaving it at the dealership... Until I started getting used to power steering, air conditioning, and a CD player that's in the dashboard instead of hanging from a cord connected to the cassette player.

As far as the rest of this week goes, I am recording one more actor on Wednesday. Yeay! And I am still waiting to hear what anyone really thinks of the first draft of the radio play I edited together with the help of a sound editor. He was rad, and very adept at Protools! Not much else to speak of, really.

In toy news, I will be painting a new custom... images coming soon! Hooray!


Disneyland Trippin'

Here are a few designs I've been working on for my show, kind of something to do while waiting for executive feedback. I've found that there's a lot of waiting that happens after you finish something substantial, then inevitably rushing later to finish more stuff, only to wait again.

I went to Disneyland this past Sunday. It was fun, but kind of a strange experience when you are working on something personal for them. There is stuff to buy in every corner of the park. If you lift up a rock, don't be surprised if there's a price on the bottom, and a bug underneath with a price tag attached. Now that I am working on my own show for them,

it was hard not to imagine a whole shelf of a store with products based on my work. Stuffed animals, mugs, balloons, antenna-balls, etc.
Also, I saw both kids and adults excited to see their favorite princess, the Mad Hatter, Tigger, etc., and imagined that one day, it could be a character I created that people are getting an autograph from. It's even stranger still because the characters are my family members. It's hard to imagine a caricature of my brother, mom, or dad, being led around by the paw, through giant crowds of people.
The trip to Disneyland was fun, and in some ways, made me more determined to make this show work. I want people to gather around my characters at a theme park, I want my characters to have their own float in a parade, and I want to buy stuffed animal versions of my family members! Besides all the frills, I ultimately want people to watch my show and feel both entertained, and that they gained something from it. Most importantly to me, I want it to feel like I made it, and not like anything people have seen before. I hope that I am able to pull it off. So far it's been a fun adventure, and hopefully I can ride this hot air balloon as far as I can imagine.


Another Rad Video!

Goodness...Chris Cunnningham.... sigh....


Hey! It's a new White Stripes/Michel Gondry video! Hooray!


Friday Affirmations

It's finally Friday. Here are this week's results:

1) I am happy now that contract stuff is finally coming to a point where I might actually be paid for working now! Holy Moses!

2) I'm beginning to find that there are a lot of rules to be followed that aren't always organic to the creative process. Most recently, I've discovered that to put an image with your soundtrack has to involve an official editor who needs to receive official payment. I suppose that the rules Disney has to play by are important to artists as far as the benefit for artists working within such a huge corporation... But every now and then they can also be a hindrance to my workaholic tendencies.


Aside from that, I've been contemplating how much I miss working on my own short films. In general, I just miss doing my own thing. My long term plan is to save up enough money to eventually have an independent workspace/ studio, where I can make my own films, build toys, plan installations, and run amok in my own creative space. A friend of mine recommended I watch part of a documentary on Charles and Ray Eames , as reference for my endeavors. They had a crapload of stuff (kind of like I do, *sigh*), and were some of the most creative people, ever.

I can only dream of reaching that level... For now, I'm trying to take it one rung at a time


Carrot-Cat & Learning to Drive

I've been busy lately, so I had to hire someone to walk my carrot-cat. Now I am waiting for my radio play to be listened to by important people. In the meantime I have been tidying my apartment, working on freelance, and designing other characters for my show. Things in animation move like a teenager trying to learn how to drive stick...