Going Back

I'm really hoping that something works out with my show where it requires me to travel to Japan again. I found out that Disney people can get special rates at the Park Hyatt, Tokyo, the hotel they're at in Lost in Translation. Tokyo, here I come... again...


Cars, Movies, and James Bond Exits

I had to skip work today to get my car fixed.

Luckily this photo has nothing to do with that... This Friday, at the Nuart in West LA, they will be showing Harold and Maude as a midnight movie. This is one of my favorite movies. Weird, and quite dated, but worth checking out in a theater. Bud Cort (Harold), shown above, will be there.

You might recognize him from a more recent role in Wes Anderson's, The Life Aquatic:

Just to even out the field, here is a cool photo I stumbled upon of him...

On Thursday I will be having a big time meeting with ABC Family, Disney TV & Friends, and various spectators to discuss the fate of my universe. I'm getting my car fixed today and my rocket pack built tomorrow, so in case the meeting goes poorly, I can leave all James-Bond-style... Blast out of the geodesic glass-roof, land in the driver seat of my 86 Honda Civic, and screetch out of my parking space. Bring it on, Thursday, I'm ready!



These are the development sketches I did for Welcome to My Life (monster film) while at Cal Arts. For lack of anything new and exciting to post, please enjoy these for the time being...

There's another page of this that I intended to post today, but Flickr is being slow.

Dang it!


Headshots Are Embarrassing

Since I might be one of the voices on my show, I need to go through some hoops first. I sent in my "headshot" for Disney to send to SAG (the screen actors guild). How weird... a headshot... Anyway, I took it myself, but hopefully it doesn't look like it. I was in my apartment, so I had to strategically place myself where there were no incriminating stuffed animals or things with silly faces in the shot. If you've ever been to my apartment, it's a hard feat to pull off. So that is why in this photo I am standing in front of my closet door. Imagine that once I open it, stuffed animals explode out...

I was going to use this one, until I realized that Raggedy Andy had made it in the shot (bottom, right corner):


Waiting for Rolling-Up-Fun

I'm anxiously awaiting tomorrow... When I can finally get my hands on the new Katamari Damacy game... in the meantime, here's a funny drawing from my friend, and yours, Daniel Chong:


Sexual Harassment Test

With only about 2 more weeks at my current job, I was still required to take the mandatory, online sexual harassment training program. You know, so I can learn how to better harass my coworkers! I passed, and now I have a certificate that I plan to frame and hang at every place I work from now until the end of time. Anyway... here is my favorite page from the test:

And the best part is the photo:

I hope one day I am around to witness a moment as touching as that...


Old News

Some older work of mine, but prophetic of my feelings in life after Cal Arts.


Artwork I've Done Lately

One of my pieces from the Girl Show sold, which is exciting:

(this comes as a set)

And the other one didn't, but here it is. I already posted a picture of it earlier, but I like the photo that the gallery took because it includes the 70's wood frame that came with the original photo when I bought it. A friends twn girls dragged him over to this one to point it out, which was the most flattering compliment I could've hoped for that evening. They told him it was like Totoro in the woods. Yeay!

And lastly, here are some passes I took at drawing pandas for a preschool show that I'm helping to develop.

That's all for today, folks. Thanks for stoppin' by.


When Nerds Go Out

As a storyboard artist, often times I've found myself working towards a pitch day like a 1600 meter track runner. The 1600 meter runner goes around the track 4 times before crossing the finish line. A storyboard artist goes over the same sequence many times before they actually finish it, and even when they finish it they haven't finished it because there are notes and notes and more notes. However, the short term finish line tends to be pitch day. The same kinds of things happen as when someone's crossed the finish line of a track race: congratulations, pats on the shoulder, pouring of water over the head (sometimes, depending on how long the pitch is, I wouldn't doubt that this could be true).

So to get to my point, the story crew from Yankee Irving had just gotten through with a pitch and we all went out to celebrate at the Ecclectic Cafe in North Hollywood. And like any animation nerds, when the alcohol is flowing, the pens and paper come out, and the laughing (or crying) begins. So here are a few gems appropriately aimed at me, regarding my recent success, and also one featuring one of my new favorite shirts:

This drawing was done by my head of story (boss), Kevin Johnson. He keeps refering to me as "Ms. Writer-Director-Producer." Recently some of the story artists I share the communal office with overheard me (on the one phone we all share) talking to a friend and giving him advice on his stomach ache, so "doctor" was added to the end of the hyphen chain.

These two drawings were done by my friend and fellow story artist, Spyros. The first drawing looks as if I'm peeing myself because someone spilled some water on the drawing. The second drawing was done when I was telling my coworker that everyone tends to draw me all happy, but that I am often angry. While flipping between the drawings, he started a little rhyme (and imagine this being said with a greek accent), "Outer-Ito, Inner-Ito, Outer-Ito, Inner-Ito."


Unanticipated Q&A

When I met with the budget/casting person last week, we discussed what I would be needing, and how my schedule might be built. She asked me if I'd ever worked with an overseas animation studio before, and we talked about the options I might have with regards to this. There are a few levels to why that part of the discussion made my head swell a little:
1. I've only been out of Cal Arts for 1 year.
2. I will be the boss (sort of...) of a studio full of animators.
3. Depending on what kind of budget I'm looking at, I may get to travel to visit the studio that animates my show
4. Reread the last part of 3... "The studio that animates my show."....

Holy COW!

Pardon me, but I need to go let some steam out of my giant head now.


I Sold Something! (Not my Soul... Yet...)

YEAY! My Munky King piece sold! Hooray!

Other than that, I've been running around town all Hollywood style and neglecting my blog... Things are starting to happen with my show and I feel like I'm living a dream that I keep expecting to wake up from. Casting, budgets, schedules! Whoo-boy!

As soon as I slow down, I'll post the dickens out of this thing.


Weekend Shows

The Munkyking show and the Girl Show were both fun, and I had a good time looking at all the art. A good time was had all around. If anyone made it to either show, please post a bit about your favorite pieces!


DIY Qee Show- Munkyking This Saturday!

This Saturday, at the same time as the Girl Show (Nucleus, 7-11PM), I will have a piece in the Munkyking DIY show. A bunch of different designers were given the same mold to paint on. Here's mine, in case you don't get a chance to make it down to Chinatown:

His name is Metro. Someone said he looks like me. I'm glad that my toy reminds someone of the metrosexual bear aspect of me...