Vegas Show Poster

I just finished the poster for our show that opens on friday at Meltdown comics on Sunset.

Now I just need to figure out where to get it printed. The size I want for the store window display would be about 48 -36" tall... and I don't have much experiece with print shops.

Any suggestions?


Neon bird

I've been trying to use scratchboard to make some neon vegas creatures. I haven't used it since high school art class... And it's been a bit frustrating, because if you mess up, you have to redo the whole thing. Anyway, here's the first one that I was mildly happy with.


Baske Dog (Gonta)

This is the dog that lives with my Dad's relatives in Hiroshima. His name is Gonta... He really likes dessert foods, like frosting and monju.

I really liked his outfit.


Back from Judging

I've been swarn to secrecy on the results of the nicktoons festival judging. In place of gossip on the results, here is my favorite Mark Hamill quote of the evening: "Eaaaoooh, it's a big rubber butt!!! Cut it out!..."


New Gorillaz Video: It's Dare

As my friend Alex said, "You really can't go wrong with a dancing Noodle"... even if her voice doesn't sound like the original singer who did her voice...


Japan Post 1.0

The first photo I am posting from my big Japan trip is my favorite photo out of the over 200 photos I took. Get ready for a lot of japan posts...

And the winner is:

I like it because the stuffed animals are making the face that I might make if I was crammed in like that. Except the one guy at the top who seems to be ok with it all (you can tell by his "u" eyes). He must be a budhist monk, or dead... no... wait... he would look like this (x_x) if he were dead...

Anyway, I would very much like to know who this character is. He looks like a pink bird-rabbit, and I know that he is a mascot for some company, because I saw him advertising things on billboards. Any leads?


To really get the sadness out of me, I like laughing at other people. So here was my remedy last week, of course provided by my best friend, the internet:

This is real. Real people playing real rpg's (role playing games).
And then there's their friend Leroy
click on the second mirror link to watch the movie

This seemed especially relevant, especially after attending Comicon, and upon considering going to the upcoming Siggraph in LA.

Grandma Kay

My grandma passed away last week, and in memory of her I wrote a poem for her memorial service this weekend. Here is my favorite photo of my grandpa and her, and my poem:


FadedCamel the Art Show!

My friends and I will be having an art show in August at a big comic shop in Los Angeles called Meltdown. The show will open on August 5th, and will be up for the whole month. Please come and check out our cool stuff. We will also be selling sketchbooks of all the artist work, possibly buttons, and our first-born children (yes, even the men).


Mister Monster Updates

I was at the San Diego Comicon this past weekend. It was fun, but it was also crowded and smelly. I finally got to see the comicon version of Mister Monster. He came out better than I initially expected. I signed some of them on Friday afternoon. It was fun to meet fans of my work. I was looking for an image online, since (being the organized person that I am) I didn't take any pictures yet. Here is the image I submitted to the company that painted it:

Also, as a funny aside:
I found my toy on ebay
, and the selling point seems to be that it is Tim Biskup's favorite toy. I hope other people decide, based on peer pressure of a big name, that it is their favorite toy, too.

Oops, I guess my wish came true: Another person's favorite toy ever. My head can't fit through my front door anymore. I look like Roman Dirge's Cat with a Really Big Head .


Back from Vacation

I just returned from Japan! It was rad!

Sorry for the lack of posts, but I took a lot of pictures on my trip, so get ready for a flood of posts to come!

This weekend, I will be at the San Diego Comicon- look for me there... I will be signing Comicon version Mister Monsters at the Stevenson Entertainment booth at some point. Also they are showing my film at the Nickelodeon booth! Hooray!

Full reports of something on monday...