How I Drew

Here's a poster I drew sometime in my early gradeschool years. To really push this over the top, I believe that I posted this on my door.

What this poster was in reference to: Our cat Minky used to drag paired up socks from the drawer and leave them in the hall. I like to think she was leaving us gifts of footwear. And I also think that stain might be from the cat who this poster was meant to warn... Oh that Minky!


Headdress Bird

Here is the second piece I've finished for the Fadedcamel art show, although I'm not sure I like how it turned out. It's supposed to be a headdress-bird. Below it is the (tiny) picture of the original headdress that I was inspired by.


Monday Peeps

Do you like peeps? How about if you could drive one!


Birthday at Work

Here's what people do to you on your birthday when you work for an animation company.


My Desk


Katamari Fever

These people rock!

It's my birthday this week and someone sent me this as a birthday email. I don't believe I know anyone in this picture, but I would like to know them. Especially the one that appears to be doing the twist.


My First Rapidograph

Here is a glimpse at the style I plan to go for in some of my pieces for the FadedCamel Art Show coming up in August. The theme is Las Vegas and Small creatures (it's an either, or, both kind of theme... or none at all... we'll see).

I wanted to do drawings that look like old wildlife books/plates. This is the first one I completed. It's my first time using a Rapidograph pen, and I think I like it... although the thin ones seem to clog easily. I bought a set, and I think I've already broken the nib on the thinnest pen. Shucks! Anyway, I hope the drawing looks like it was worth the breaking.

After I was done and had a chance to look at it, I felt like it might be a cousin of the ESUVEE.


A Good Way To Start the Week

I found this image on Yahoo!

I think I would like to start my week like this.


Second Half of the Test

The part of my story test that I've posted is my favorite part. There was more to the test, but I think this is the funniest portion.

If you want to see the story from the beginning, start with the post directly below this one, from Thursday-

(Continued from Thursday):


Of Mice and Bears

More from the Blue Sky test:

to be continued...


A Commercial That Makes Me Laugh

I finally found one of my latest favorite commercials online. (note: if you let it load once and then play it again, it will play glitch-free the second time...)

Penzoil commercials

My favorite is "Rejection", but the other one is sort of funny, too.



My friend Daniel also has a weblog where he has this picture posted:

I don't know why this photo makes me laugh, but my friend Hugo agrees that there is something inherently funny about it. Any thoughts on this?


My Blue Sky Test

The story test for Blue Sky is to board this scenario:

Two strangers are in a waiting room and one does something to annoy the other one.

My solution was about a bear and a mouse. The mouse is trying to talk on his cellphone while the bear is trying to show him magic tricks. Shenanigans ensue...

Here is one panel from my test. My friend Alex said this was his favorite panel.


Weekend Update

I was at a rockin' party this saturday, and my friend Darren told me how angry he gets when I go for days on end not updating my blog. So for the last few weeks of sporadic updating... sorry... More about the party: I had a good time seeing my friends from Dreamworks, drinking refreshing beverages, hanging out in Theresa Pettengill's cool house, and eating tasty snacks.

This last couple of weeks a lot of things happened, and everything culminated this past Friday. I had a meeting with Disney TV & ABC Family to talk about the next steps with them, the story crew for Yankee Irving pitched the end of the movie to the directors and executives who had flown down to LA from Toronto, I completed a story test for Blue Sky Studios, and last but not least, my show opened at Schmancy in Seattle.

The meeting with Disney/ABCF went really, really well. They enjoyed the first version of the script I wrote for them, and I am very happy with the direction that things seem to be headed in. Hooray!



I am going to Japan in less than one month. I don't know Japanese, but I've been told I should only expect to get a small handfull of dirty looks. I am excited about the food, the toys, and the electronic gadgets. Also, I can't wait to go here , and to see the 3D zoetrope. I heard there is a cat bus that I can sit in, too. I hope I don't have an allergic reaction and die.

Maybe I can meet people from Polysics (think Japanese Devo), the band that they made this version of my toy for.


Tim Biskup Mister Monster

Tim Biskup (of Gama-Go fame) will be painting a version of Mister Monster which will most likely be out at Comicon or before the end of the year. Stay tuned for details...



Someone is looking for Mister Monster!


The Schmancy Show is soon-
This week, even!

Vinyl Pulse entry: Awww Yeah!

It was hard for me to decide how to price my artwork. One rule I've heard is to double the price of the frame. I decided to price my work based on what I liked the most. Who knows if that's how I'm supposed to do it, but I couldn't figure out a better way.


Cat Paintings a Plenty!

Here is another part of the show:

For this one, I originally bought a frame with this image in it:

My intent was to paint things on top of it to make it part of my theme. To my surprise, when I took the picture out of the frame, I noticed it had been scotch-taped onto a previously-matted picture. The picture I chose to paint on was what I found beneath the original cat picture that I had bought. I guess whoever owned the picture before I did, felt the need to change up their cat paintings every now and then but couldn't afford a new frame. I'm hoping that beneath the one I painted on are an infinite number of creepy cat paintings.


Too Much Work + Too Little Time

It's a short week, and I'm trying to work on 10 different things at one time. Here are some of the finished pieces for the Schmancy Show!

Off to work...