1st One!

The first finished piece for my show!


Decision Time

Which one should I go with?:

Personally I am leaning towards b.


Another Sketch

Here's another uncolored image for my show.

They are ideas waiting ontop of a brain. They are going to catch the bus to go out into the world.


Fancy Schmancy Show

I am slowly but surely getting my act together for a show of my work at Schmancy, a hip toy store in Seattle. My idea for the show is "The Life and Times of an Idea".

Here is one of the first pieces, in pre-color stage.


Gorillaz Toys!


Gorillaz Toys are coming! Yeay!

It says "Black" edition... I don't know if that means they are unpainted black viynl, or that is just a way of categorizing them...

gorillaz from kidrobot


Nicktoons Film Festival Judge

I will be a judge for the next Nicktoons Film Festival! I should get myself a gavel and a black robe. And maybe a powdered wig, just for kicks.

Also on the panel is Mark Hamil.

Apparently our judging schedule is being planned around him.

I'm Not a Winner

Unfortunately I didn't make it as a National Winner in the Student Academy Awards.

The films in the animation category that did are:

Frog, Christopher Conforti, School of Visual Arts, NY
"9", Shane Acker, UCLA
Things That Go Bump in the Night, Joshua G. Beveridge, Ringling School of Art and Design, Florida


Elizabeth's Producer's Show Review

Producer's Show has come and gone.

Now that I've had a little time to digest things:

The design of the program and the opening were awesome, thanks to my friend Pen Ward. He makes things that make me happy.

The film line up was interesting this year. There were some films I liked a lot, but generally my feeling is that a lot of students put a lot of effort into polishing their films, energy that could've been better spent in coming up with a more satisfying story. I will remember a film more for how hard I laughed, how deeply I felt something, and mostly for how satisfying the ending is, more than I will care that it was full color, animated on ones, with 3D backgrounds.


Small Creatures from Vegas

Another idea for the show in August. I'm still kind of struggling to think of images. I'm also not sure if I should give this poker chip legs and arms or not.


Busy Week

Apologies for the lack of posts in the last couple of weeks. In general, things have been pretty busy on the production. We pitch on Tuesdays and then repitch our boards with changes on Fridays. Depending on the length of the sequence you're working on, it can get a bit hectic. I'm happy to say that I think I'm gradually developing the thick skin of a story artist. On Friday, one note on a couple of my drawings was that they were bland and boring, and I didn't mind. All in all, the pitch went well and I think the directors were happy in the end.

My new thick skin came in handy on Thursday, before the Producer's Show. While I was sitting in a Starbucks across from the Academy of Television with some collegues, a homeless man who was lacking some many teeth started shouting at me for supposedly laughing at him. As spittle foamed out of his mouth, he also informed me that Vietnam was no laughing matter. If I sent myself back in time to yell something back, I probably would've said that racism was no laughing matter, and neither was poor dental hygene.

This week I was also scheduled to have a meeting with Disney TV and ABC Family, and another with the Gotham Group, a management group that has a lot of connections in both animation and publishing. As it turned out, both meetings were cancelled.


Last year when I was at Cal Arts, my friend Julian let me do a comic strip for his book that he was putting together. It was fun to do, but more fun than that is looking at the rest of Julian's work and films. The title of the post will link you to his website. Click, and get ready for a fun time!


Fun Show

The B.B. Birdy show was fun this weekend. The pieces were all cool to look at, and of course all the toys in Munky King were fun to look at and pay money for.

This week I have a pitch, the Producer's Show, and a meeting with Disney and ABC Family. Yeay!


Producer's Show is Approaching

The Cal Arts Producer's Show is rapidly approaching. Next Thursday, at the Academy of Television, Arts and Sciences in North Hollywood, they will show a selection of films made in the Cal Arts Character Animation Program this year. Each year a different student is put in charge of the intro to the show. My favorite thus far has been my friend Scott's Muppet Show Opening. This year, he may be outdone by one of my favorite filmmaker/comic artists, Pendleton Ward. I expect that his friend, Bueno the Bear will make an appearance... Anywho, you should go check out his website, as there are many funny things to entertain yourself with--

Pen's Page of Fun

Blog Pets!

My Dad's cousin Karen introduced me to this cute phenomenon. I haven't set one up yet, but I will as soon as I have a moment to try making it successfully through the japanese.

Blog Pets!


Comicon 2005

For those keeping up with the Mister Monster family of products, get ready! The San Diego Comicon is a little while away still, but plans are in the works for the debut of a new version of Mister Monster, complete with a shiny new box to travel in!

Here's a tiny peek at part of the new design!

In other news, I received word on Friday that my film will be moving on to the national semifinals of the Student Academy Awards. Hooray!