Here are a couple more doodles of possibilities for the show
(small creatures + las vegas)
at Meltdown in August.


Munky King

Come see the monkey I painted! I am part of another MunkyKing-sponsored group show. It should be rockin'! Hope to see some of you there!


Too Much Free Time... Psych!

If you are still reading after the circa 1995 slang term that titles this post...

For Easter, my mom gave me this basket that looks like a peep. One day I walked into my kitchen, and my friend Alex had a smug grin on his face. To my chagrin, I noticed he had pushed in the beak so that the peep was making a face. Here are a few photos of the great comedic potential that the peep basket contains within it's plush walls:

The winner for the day:


This Week Will ROCK!

In my hope that this week is going to ROCK (!), the sketches above this post were done of some random rock band doing their thing. Crude... but hopefully relatively accurate.

Here's to a rockin' week!


I Need a Drink

This has been the worst Saturday I've had in a while.

I'm really stressed out (to the max!) because:
1. My car is in the shop getting fixed (finally), so I have no wheels this weekend.
2. I have to get my film transfered onto digibeta by Tuesday morning, and every effort I made to get things taken care of this weekend haven't worked.
3. I got a haircut and I'm in the "do I like this or not" phase.

There are other things, too. I am still adapting to post Cal Arts life. Specifically lately, realizing that sometimes friendships are hard to maintain because not everyone is having the same "experiences" as you. For those Calartians (Character Animators) that read this, it's like the rest of your life is going to be like when the list of films that made it into the Producer's Show goes up (and if you say you didn't care about that, you're a liar).

Enough of that kind of talk... hopefully tomorrow will be brighter-

Oh wait, I'll be at work... darn it!


My First Sketch for the Meltdown Show

This is my first idea for the show that Fadedcamel will be having at Meltdown. The theme is small creatures and Vegas. In this first idea, I combined a small creature with a slot machine (notice the slot on his forehead for a quarter). I'm not sure yet what happens when you win.


Spicy Foods and Weird Dreams

Last night I had a weird dream and I think it was because of the spicy food I ate at lunch, and the wine I drank at dinner... First I ran into my lousy exboyfriend and my friend was delivering a bear with a Kangol hat to him , and then to escape that crappy situation, I ducked into a theater. In the theater there were only about 10 people, and they were all discussing what had just shown on the screen. I looked to the right, and Michel Gondry was talking about the film. I waited until he was done talking, and when I approached him, he already knew my name and said he loved my work. And then I woke up...

On a more realistic note, my film (Welcome to My Life) is in the regional finals for the student academy awards. Hooray!




In July, I will be having a show of my work (illustrations and paintings) at Schmancy, a toy store in Seattle. Any suggestions for a theme?

Meltdown Comics

Fadedcamel, the art collective that I am a part of, will be having a group show at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles in August. They were one of the few stores to sell my toy in LA. Mister Monster sold out there! But what do you expect, he's a rockstar!

As far as the show goes- we've already nailed down a theme, and I think it's going to be really fun to think of what to do for it. I will post more info about the show as it is avaliable.

Here is another work doodle. I am trying to learn how to use a tombow brush pen, and this is one of the first "experiments".


This Week Will Be a Good Week

Here is someone I met at work last week. He works in story, and someone obviously wanted some changes on his face. I should've known things were going to be weird after meeting him. Last week was the most surreal experience in my 50 years of professional experience (yes, 50 years... *a-HEM*, moving on). I was really stressed out for at least half of it because I had a pitch, then the stress was over, AND THEN (said like a small child) one of the storyboard artists who I really liked was given the boot on friday after only 2 weeks of work...

But this week will be different... I can feel it...

Today, a new friend showed me a secret entrance to my floor that I hadn't noticed before. Upon entering, I saw that Bob Boyle and Wubby had snuck into the building over the weekend and painted the far walls purple and green. Those crazy hooligans... pretty soon they'll put in a jungle-gym (I can dream, can't I).

The best part of the day was after lunch... my head of story brought in his son's train set and we set it up (for reference, of course...). I don't think I've seen him that happy at work, ever. Things have started off well, so hopefully I'm not jumping the gun in predicting that this week will be a little better than the last.



End of the Week: A Doodle and a Question

Is he a giant Chinchilla? I certainly hope so.


(Good Pitch) + (Robot Doodles)

My pitch to the directors went really well yesterday. Yeay!
Here are more work doodles.
I like to draw robots.



Now that he's had his debut at the big show, here are a few of the pre-show, red carpet pictures that I took of my piece, Robo-a-Go-go. What do you think?

(inner workings, below)


Work Doodles

At the beginning of each work day, the receptionist anounces over the phone-intercom that "the breakfast truck is downstairs." Usually about 2 minutes after that, there is an announcement that Marie Callendars is in the building. I've never met her, but I hear her frozen meals are complicated.

When I am not working on storyboards, I doodle. Most of the time it is when I'm on the phone, or when I am stuck and not able to think of how to draw what I am supposed to be drawing. Here are a random selection of drawings collected from last week, and from today.

My head of story (bossman) asked me if my appraiser really looked like that.

He did.


A Film that Makes me Smile No Matter How Crappy the Week May Be

I used to work for a program that taught animation to high school kids on Saturdays. This film reminds me of what those kids would come up with, except it's as if their design sense and story ideas stayed the same, but their abilities as an animator increased ten fold. If you are like me, you will watch this and be additcted. If you aren't like me, than I have nothing more to add (click on the title of this post to get to the film). Thank you to my friends at Teenage Robot who are responsible for hepping me to this film.


Come See My Toy!

I am in a group show this weekend (Saturday, April 9th). Fifty artists were given a "20 toy to paint. The show will be this weekend in Chinatown. Tell your friends and neighbors! I hope to see some of you there, and if not, then you are lousy and I have nothing more to say to you. (Ok, ok.. you're not lousy)


Monday Moodies

List of excuses for why my blog has not been updated in the past 3 days:
1. I had to prepare for a big pitch.
2. Some A-hole in a truck ran a red light and hit my '86 Honda Civic when I was making a U-turn (and immediately upon exiting his vehicle, began to blame me for getting in his way).
3. I was busy eating cookies, and watching Johnny Depp get slimed while screaming like a teenage girl at the Kids Choice Awards.

As promised, here are the ever-exciting pictures of the coffee-break room next to my communal office:

Notice the clever signage:

And let me introduce you to my good friend, Vendie, and faithfully by his side, Microwavie!

(I can dream, can't I)