My Friend Daniel

When I was recovering from having my wisdom teeth out, I received this photo from my friend Daniel. I gave him the peep that's in the basket with the apples. When you squeeze its sides, it makes a cheep-cheep noise (much like daniel when he thinks something is funny).

When I see cute chickens, I think of Daniel because he made a film I really like called "Chicken Saves the World."
Daniel makes funny films. You should go watch them now.

Click on the title to this post, and you will be transported to the land of Danielvision (aka: Cheep-Cheep-O-Rama)


Work n' Work

Here is what my desk at work looks like. Fancy, ain't it?
Tune in later this week for, *gasp*, the coffee room!

As I previously mentioned, I just finished working on a toy for a big show on April 9th. I will post more info on the show later this week. Here, you can peek at my piece... or is he peeking at you???


Internet Addict Quits Cold Turkey

I have no computer at work. For an internet addict, it's a hard situation. I was hoping there would be one with minimal internet access so I could possibly post updates on my lunch break. It's funny how having a regular day job can knock you on your ass after a short period of freelancing (and debauchery). Especially when I'm trying to keep up with:
1. Work
2. Freelance
3. Toys (making them, not playing with them... ok... maybe sometimes playing with them)
4. Keeping my blog updated.
5. Being creative in the 5 minutes of free time right before I go to sleep.

Enough passive-aggressive griping... Hooray! I just finished painting a giant toy for a group show in April.

A Proposition of Vague Proportions:
If any of the five of you that read my blog on a regular basis (or those that accidentally clicked and are now about to hit the back button on your browser) know: Michel Gondry, Spike Jonze, Robert Roderiguez, or Quentin Tarrantino, tell them to email me or call me. I want to interview them for a project I'm working on.

I would be more vague, but...
I can't.


Easter Special

I get Good Friday off of work, so I will sleeping in, and then I'll be going to Disneyland. While I am sleeping... here is a coffee shop sketch from this past summer to either entertain you, or make you sorry you wasted your time checking out my blog today.

Here is a funny friend I found at my local supermarket. Hubba Bubba Clucker! He's a wind-up chicken that lays bubblegum eggs as it waddles across your table or floor.


I Need to Start Planting More Trees

I went to a lecture/tribute to Frederick Back tonight. He's an amazing animator who was one of my very first inspirations. Having just started my path through the studio system, seeing a man like him makes you wonder whether you should trade in your office for a nice garden to sit in, and admire the birds, and clouds.


Would You Like Some Fries with Your Storyboards?

My new job is at Film Roman. For those unfamiliar with the studio, they have been making the Simpsons for... a while... I am not working on the Simpsons. I am working on a movie about baseball!

I am a storyboard artist. The room I work in used to be a mail room. There is a window next to my desk that looks like they used to sell stamps or something out of it. There's a few american flag stickers stuck to it, in addition to a sticker that lets people know what kind of credit cards we take. I'm thinking of charging per panel. And extra if you want to stick a post-it on the panel (ha ha, story artist humor... see, it's funny because...).

"Excuse me sir, that story panel will be $5. Sorry, nothing over a $50. And we don't take Diners Club!"

Oh yes, the monkey--- it is a toy I painted for an upcoming show. I hope you accept him, even though he might be glaring at you. (actually, he's just glaring at something next to your monitor).



Working is hard. And doubly hard when you're a story person...


Friday, Today, Tomorrow...

On Friday I finished writing the first draft of a script. Hooray! A small step towards my big goals.

Today I had fun going to my friend Ani's wedding shower. It was the first Armenian wedding shower I'd ever been to, but not the first wedding shower. It was the best one I've ever gone to. Armenians know how to throw a good party!

Tomorrow I will start my job. I hope it helps me in my quest to conquer the world.


I Got a Job, So Yesterday I Took a Day Off from My Blog

Yesterday I found out (for certain... not that things are ever "up in the air" when it comes to being employed in animation...) that I will have a job starting on Monday, working as a full time, in house storyboard artist on a movie. Yeay! I was told it's going to be hard work, you know, since normally I'm used to storyboarding being such an easy job.

In celebration of this welcome news, I took a day off from my blog, and from the requests. I will still be publishing the requests of my readers, but it may not be on a daily basis. On days when I don't publish requests, I will be posting random doodles from the day, or from my past. Today's replacement image is a doodle I did in my early Cal Arts days.


The Pitch of a New Extreme Film

Executive decisions... TO THE EXTREME!!! RAAAAAAH!!!

For my fellow CSSSA alum, Adam Young. Thank you for emailing me and I hope I can make more films that you will like. Cross your fingers for me, even if you aren't Adam...


Why You Should Never Trust Cute Kitties


Sandwich of Fate

Look out!


Unicorn of Love

For Jeremy:
A unicorn, hatching from a jewel-encrusted egg, shooting love from it's eyes. I hope you are being hit by it's rays of love RIGHT NOW!


He's a Pirate Who Loves Pies!

For my friend Daniel:

This is the green, pirate hamster who loves pies. He has a treasure map to pies, and then a bunch of little, red monsters with one shoe on are chasing him.


Slayer Fans

To my friend "Gary,"

Here is the drawing I did of Slayer fans (imagine they are in a parking lot)... ENJOY!


Jojo Goes to the Dentist

I recently rediscovered this photo of Jojo getting her fang repaired by my friend Alex at the Best Show Ever II (a collaborative art show for Cal Arts' Character Animation department). It's because she eats too many cupcakes (take out your magnifying glass.. and notice to the right of Jojo is a giant plate of strawberry cupcakes waiting to be devoured once her fang is fixed).

The Jojo sitting on the chair is a costume that I built of my character. I wore it to a Cal Arts Halloween party. It was really, really hot inside. But it was fun to watch people do a double take.


Here is the space viking for my friend Josh:

His name is Nimrod the Time Traveler. He traveled to the future and then back to the past to give his other viking friends gadgets and women. He travels back and forth a lot. He got his purple pants from a visit to a jazzercise class in the 1980s. The legwarmers, too.

To those who have put in requests, I haven't forgotten about them. I'll post one per day... Usually in the order they came in... so keep checking back.


Ritz Crackers Kill Man

[WARNING: not intended for small children or uptighties]

The first challenge:
Anonymous said...

Here's the idea:

Underpaid animation director stuck doing shitty and demanding over-his-head after effects work for one of his friends who made director status, blows his brains out of his fucking head while working on a ritz crackers spot.

5:22 PM, March 09, 2005


Overcoming "the Lazies"

In an attempt to overcome my recent bouts with the lazies, here is my possible bargain with you- the one person who reads this blog:

If you give me a random idea or task (it could be anything really, a sentence, a few words, a link, an artist, etc.), I will promise to post one of the following, based on your request:

1) a drawing
2) a story
3) a comic/ storyboard (essentially combining both of the above)

Submit your ideas or random thoughts by emailing me or by posting comments. My Blog-O-Phone is waiting for your call...


What to Wear (in My Empire)

Here is an excerpt of an email I recieved this morning from the super robot, Bob Boyle:
"I love your blog! It will be great to watch the ups and downs of a rising Empire! I think that you should design and post your silly world domination outfits!"
(I told him in an earlier email that I would force people to wear silly outfits once I'm the king of the world... no, not queen... KING!)

Well Bob-- GET READY!

Here is a run down of what people will look like once I'm the ruler of the world. I will break down the population into three categories:
1) Outgoing.
2) Mildly introverted
3) Complete introvert.
Everyone will be required to wear a hat of some sort. Every hat will have small indicator bulbs (one or two) that show the mood of the person wearing the hat.
1) Bluish-green= a pleasant mood, it's ok to talk to this person
2) Yellow= having an "ok" day, but it will go bad if you ruin it.
3) Red= I'm ready to bite anyone's head off that speaks to me.

And now, onto the fashion!

For each personality category, I've included styles for both hot and cold weather, and broken them down into womens' and mens' styles.

First, for the outgoing:

Next, for the slightly timid:

Last, but not least, for the truly timid:   

Which hat will you choose?


Jojo and Bob

I finally got Microsoft Word for my computer, so right now I am working on the 3rd draft of a children's book story. It's about my friends, Jojo and Bob.

Writing stories for small children can be harder than it seems. You have to remember what words you could understand at that age, and what was interesting for you to read about. And then, on top of all that, you have to make it something that the people who are publishing it will like, too.

But in the end, the best case scenario is that you are a published children's book author/illustrator.

It's a steep climb, but the view is worth it...


Inspiration for Today

In order to keep motivated in a time of low energy...

1) I went for a walk in the sunshine today.
2) I had a Margarita
3) I think about the possibility of being like: Bob Boyle


When Owls Talk


1) OWL

HEY! How can I put CatOwlPillar on my AIM Buddy list?


Well, Owl, in case people new to this blog don't know, look below to find out who CatOwlPillar is...And to answer your question - it's easy! His screenname is "CatOwlPillar66"!

3) OWL

Is Elizabeth feeling ok after her tooth operation?


Yes, she is doing quite well.


Can I Ever Live Up to Katamari Damacy?

This weekend during my down time, I will spend some time playing my new favorite video game, Katamari Damacy. I read that it's a good game for people age 3 and up.

Lately I've been spending a lot of time wondering how the people at Namco ever came up with such an inventive idea.

The basic premise is that your Dad (the King of the Universe) got drunk one night, and accidentally tore down all the stars and planets, except for Earth. Your job-- as his tiny, green, cylinder-headed son, is to roll up as many earthly objects as you can on your ball, from which your dad will recreate all the stars and planets that he destroyed. As it gets bigger, you can roll up bigger and bigger things, like humans, cows, buildings, stadiums, etcetera.

I love the game, but I can't wrap my head around what it is exactly that makes it so appealing. One of my goals in the next few years is to come up with a project (gallery installation, animated or live action film, or whatever I can manage) that can capture the same basic essence that this game has. Any suggetions on where to start?

In the meantime, I have a universe to save...



Welcome, Catowlpillar!

Say hello to my new friend

Catowlpillar is a highly evolved creature who likes tasty snacks. Every meal he eats is a snack because he is small, so he doesn't have to eat much.

He likes to drink apple flavored drinks.
He's more highly evolved than you, so be careful what you say to him:
sometimes he can be a smart ass.

If it gets cold he fluffs out to adapt,

and if it's warm he sheds. If it's really warm his fur produces frost to cool him down.

If he needs to reach something high,

he grows tall.

If he needs to fit through a small space or is embarrassed,

he shrinks down small.

He and I are great friends.

He told me he knows all about world domination. Arm in arm, we will move forward together!

If you have any questions for him, post them to this entry and he will write you back. He's not always fast about it, because he has small fingers, so he's kind of a slow typer.

I am getting 2 wisdom teeth taken out tomorrow. He will be at my house this weekend, watching DVDs with me and keeping me company. Feel free to call us up.


Patience (and why it sucks)

The Situation: Disney TV/ ABC Family is interested in working with me. The contract has been hammered out by lawyers, and we have had a few meetings. The last meeting went really well. Needless to say, I am now waiting for more news. (the previous paragraph is not meant to be purposely cryptic... just imagine you tuned into a miniseries during the 2nd episode without knowing what happened in the first)
Being patient can be more stressful than you would think...
In the Meantime:

Here are some things that are helping me to be patient at the moment.
1) focusing on cleaning my apartment.
2) enjoying not being in an office during daylight hours.
3) THESE DIRECTORS (I think they must've had to be patient inorder to get what they wanted up on the screen):
  • Michel Gondry
  • Spike Jonze
  • Wes Anderson
  • 3.01.2005


    Unlike many of my fellow character animation compatriots, I didn't really come into the game knowing that much about Disney, the 9 old men, or traditional animation in general. It used to make me really nervous when anyone started to talk effusively about Marc Davis, Ward Kimball, etcetera.


    The following is what I expected to happen: 

    [Them: Person talking about a famous Disney animator that I don't know, let's say for demonstration sake that the animator's name is Walter Doe]

    1) THEM

    Hey! Did you see that great drawing that our animation teacher brought in?It was AMAZING!

    2) ME

    Oh yeah?

    3) THEM

    Yeah! An original from [insert name of any Disney movie from the 1960s]. Walter Doe was amazing, don't you think? I think it just shows how great he was, animating on ones with no backlight, and only one pencil, and with his feet (continues talking for 5 minutes).

    4) ME

    Totally. (Very quietly) Remind me again, what did he work on?

    5) THEM
    (looking at me in disbelief)

    What? You're kidding, right?

    6) ME

    Uhhh... well...

    7) THEM
    (look of disbelief changes to one of disgust )

    You're telling me you don't know who Walter Doe was?

    8) ME

    Yes.(head lowers in shame)

    9) THEM

    How did you get in this school, anyway?

    SOME OF MY HEROES (from the beginning)

  • Norman McLaren
  • Oskar Fischinger
  • Frederick Back

  • Both because of and despite my Cal Arts time, I've come to know of more animators, and filmmakers to drool over. My influences are changing monthly... So this list is just about who kicked off my inspiration.