Kitty Swallows

In addition to animation, I also like puppets. Muppety-puppets. Last year I got to see Avenue Q. It's one of the funniest musicals I've ever seen, with puppets and humans interacting in a Sesame-Street-kind-of way. If you have the time and the money, it's worth seeing. Heck, it's worth seeing, even if you don't.

They are having a contest and my friend Theresa made it to the top ten! If she wins, she and Kitty get to go sip cocktails with famous people. Theresa was my story teacher at Cal Arts, and helped me turn my lame ideas into funny ones that people actually enjoyed. She is a rockin' story artist for Dreamworks... but I think she and her puppet need to blow that popcicle stand (just kidding, no hard feelings Dreamworks), hit the big-time, and head for Broadway, so I voted for her and Kitty Swallows, and you can, too! No pressure, but she's the best one, so if you vote for someone else, have the chef cut you a slice of lame-cake...


Blogger Jeremy Bernstein said...

I voted for her! Hope she wins too.
Hmm "Popsicle stand" eh? Well let's hope we make some damn fine icee treats. Maybe the drippings will run down the street to your little mouse hole. No hard feelings.

5:29 PM, December 06, 2005  

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