Friday Affirmations

It's finally Friday. Here are this week's results:

1) I am happy now that contract stuff is finally coming to a point where I might actually be paid for working now! Holy Moses!

2) I'm beginning to find that there are a lot of rules to be followed that aren't always organic to the creative process. Most recently, I've discovered that to put an image with your soundtrack has to involve an official editor who needs to receive official payment. I suppose that the rules Disney has to play by are important to artists as far as the benefit for artists working within such a huge corporation... But every now and then they can also be a hindrance to my workaholic tendencies.


Aside from that, I've been contemplating how much I miss working on my own short films. In general, I just miss doing my own thing. My long term plan is to save up enough money to eventually have an independent workspace/ studio, where I can make my own films, build toys, plan installations, and run amok in my own creative space. A friend of mine recommended I watch part of a documentary on Charles and Ray Eames , as reference for my endeavors. They had a crapload of stuff (kind of like I do, *sigh*), and were some of the most creative people, ever.

I can only dream of reaching that level... For now, I'm trying to take it one rung at a time


Blogger bad_ito said...

hey, let's merge our craploads and build a playground!

3:35 PM, November 04, 2005  
Blogger R.T.Inoue said...

Independent endeavors remind me of Faith and John Hubley.

12:54 AM, November 07, 2005  

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