When It Rains...

I had a lovely weekend: On Saturday, I went to the Monster Show opening, and look (!), my friends at Vinyl Pulse put up a posting about me and the show! Radical! (Thanks to Ethan for guiding me there this morning). On Sunday, I saw Curse of the Wererabbit, and it rocked. I emerged inspired.

Today was not as nice as the weekend: (Today)+(this week)= crowded and damp.

When I left home, I brought a big box of stuff that I needed for my office. Inevitably, I ended up running 5 miles from the parking structure to the building where my office is, through torrential rain, ducking into a doorway on a fake street set halfway to take a breather, then continuing to my farther-than-I-anticipated destination. Any paper that was in my box was wrinkled from water, and I looked like I had decided to take a shower with all of my clothes on. It's taken me until now to completely dry off, and I don't think my shoes have fully recovered. It was like a scene from a sitcom. Especially because I was running through a set reminiscent of an outdoor scene from Friends

I have a lot of stuff to figure out this week, and a lot of recordings crammed into the next 5 days. One on Wednesday, one on Friday... Write-write-write and edit-edit-edit in the meantime, ... And then a nice, big, cocktail on Saturday night, most likely. A huge amount of props (in the gangsta-sense of the term) have to be given to my family, who are arranging their schedules to be there for what I need them to do.



Anonymous francine said...

Thanks for the mention...I love your little fellow....sweeeeeet.....


10:35 PM, October 17, 2005  

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